The cheaper it is, the price of a used car Daihatsu Terios this year is now starting at IDR 70 million

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The price of used Daihatsu Terios cars is now even more affordable. Data pricelist di shows the cheapest Daihatsu Terios used car prices are now IDR 75 million for the October 2020 period.

Daihatsu Terios is a class car sport utility vehicle (SUV) which was introduced in Indonesia at the end of 2006. The presence of this SUV is the result of a collaboration between Daihatsu and Toyota which also produces the Toyota Rush.

This car with a capacity of 7 passengers is designed for medium class SUVs.

With price Daihatsu Terios used cars that are increasingly affordable, curious about the specifications?

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Come on, see the specifications of the Daihatsu Terios early generation 2008:

1. The exterior side

From the front of the Daihatsu Terios, you can see a pretty manly appearance typical of an SUV. Headlamp has a gahar appearance with a tapering trapezoid design.

The grille has a nice appearance with a pore pattern. In certain types there are additional accents chrome on the upper side of the grill. While the Daihatsu logo is embedded in the center of the grill.

On the side Daihatsu Terios, seen many ornaments like side molding up to the VVT-i logo. In certain types, a rearview turn signal is added. Seen too roof rail to increase the load capacity.

At the rear, this car is still equipped with a spare tire shaped like a bun. Rearlamp Daihatsu Terios is equipped with technology combination lamp.

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2. Interior side

Moving to the interior of the Daihatsu Terios, the cabin is dominated by beige. Part dashboard has a color that is quite attractive, namely black brown. In section headunit have added silver accents to add to the impression of luxury.

The steering wheel Daihatsu Terios already equipped with Electric Power Steering (EPS). The highest type is equipped with audio control on the left side of the steering wheel.

Part multi-information display (MID) is quite capable, namely with the addition of digital screen-based cabin information.

Part doortrim and the seats are dominated by beige. The Daihatsu Terios can accommodate up to 7 passengers. However, the trunk still has to be said to be small.

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3. Engine performance

Daihatsu Terios comes with a 3SZ-VE 4 cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc. Daihatsu Terios can run a maximum of 109 horsepower and a maximum torque of 145 Nm.

The fuel consumption of DaihatsuTerios is also quite efficient and economical because of its E technologylectronic Fuel Injection. Terios is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission option and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

4. Safety features

Daihatsu Terios has standard safety features namely seatbelt which has been equipped with pretensioners and force limit. The highest variant is equipped with Dual SRS Airbags.

In the highest type Daihatsu Terios already equipped with a braking system Anti lock Braking System (ABS). Security features are also added notification when keys are left in the cabin.

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5. Different Types

The early generation Daihatsu Terios released four variants namely TS A / T, TS M / T, TX A / T and TX M / T. And there are also TS variants that are separated into Standard and Standard plus Extra.

The TX variant is further divided into Standard, Elegant and Adventure with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions.

  • Daihatsu Terios tipe TS is not equipped with an ABS brake system. For the Terios TS type with manual transition it features steel wheels and AC single blower.
  • Daihatsu Terios tipe TS with automatic transition differs only in the addition of 4 speakers and 2 DIN CD audio features. Additional features are also embedded such as side step and foot rest.
  • Daihatsu Terios tipe TX manual transmission is equipped with double blower AC, 2D IN CD speaker audio system, electric spy, wiper back, key reminder, high mount stop lamp, handle chrome, select alloy, spare tire cover, side step, fog lamp, chrome grile, roof rail and projector headlamp.
  • Daihatsu Terios tipe TX automatic transmission has the same features as TX manual transmission, but is equipped with a driver seat control that can be adjusted for the height and low, the audio button on the steering wheel and foot rest. It’s equipped too Dual SRS Airbags on the front

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With all these specifications, Daihatsu Terios used cars this could be your choice. Price Daihatsu Terios used cars now you can get it starting from IDR 75 million.

If you are looking for a Daihatsu Terios used car, you should check every feature in detail. Make sure the Daihatsu Terios used car is in prime condition. has collected several Daihatsu Terios used car prices on used car sites as of October 31, 2020. The Daihatsu Terios used car sales area is located in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

The list of used car prices for Daihatsu Terios is as follows:

Varian Year Specification Used Car Prices
TS M/T 2007 1.500cc IDR 75 million
TX A/T 2007 1.500cc IDR 85 million
TX M/T 2007 1.500cc IDR 85 million
TS M/T 2008 1.500cc IDR 82 million
TX A/T 2008 1.500cc IDR 95 million
TX M/T 2008 1.500cc IDR 90 million
TS Extra M/T 2009 1.500cc IDR 80 million
TX M/T 2009 1.500cc IDR 95 million
TS A/T 2010 1.500cc IDR 85 million
TS Extra M/T 2010 1.500cc IDR 90 million
TX A/T 2010 1.500cc IDR 120 million
TX M/T 2010 1.500cc IDR 105 million


*Price Daihatsu Terios used cars these are summarized from traders in the Jakarta area and its surroundings

*Price Daihatsu Terios used cars depending on the condition of the vehicle.

*Price Daihatsu Terios used cars may change at any time.




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