The charm of the umbrella girls at the One Prix motorcycle race in Tasikmalaya, – The allure of the umbrella girl at the Indonesia National Motorprix Championship (IMC) motorcycle race at Bukit Peusar Circuit Mangkubumi District Tasikmalaya is quite interesting.

The presence of the girls dressed in red seemed to be holding umbrellas to give shade to the motorbike jockeys on Sunday (27/11/2022).

This view is common when in the national car event. These beautiful girls are tasked with protecting the racers when the motorcycle jockeys are about to give gas to their iron horses at the starting line.

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With flowing straight hair, wearing a red shirt, adorned both eyes with sunglasses, she covered the motorcycle jockeys so that the spectators in the stands were attracted by the beauty of the umbrella girls.

“It’s really fun being an umbrella girl, meeting so many new people when there’s an event like this One Prix motorcycle race,” said Sabila, one of the umbrella girls.

Sabila stated that there are ups and downs of being an umbrella girl. The reason, must be willing to rain as long as exposed to the scorching sun. Furthermore, it is bound to always look sharp and optimal amidst any weather.

“Yes, yesterday the One Prix race didn’t stop raining. The rain came suddenly and hard, yesterday there was a session without using an umbrella. So my straight hair is soaked with rain, right,” he said .

Despite this, Sabila had to keep smiling and spreading her umbrella beauty.

“The main thing is to continue to look as solid and beautiful as possible under any circumstances,” she said.

Sabila also admits that she has to check her face makeup frequently, because it’s not just the rain that takes off her makeup, but the sweat that drips when exposed to the sun drips onto her pretty face.

“Yes, so we have to look in the mirror often, we are afraid of what is on our faces,” he concluded. (Apip/R6/HR-Online)

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