The charger is not included in the Galaxy S21 series.It’s minimal and stylish right now, right? # GalaxyUnpacked2021 | Gizmodo Japan

Rumor Come True.

Samsung’s new smartphone announced today “Galaxy S21 Ultra」「Galaxy S21/S21+It seems that the box is thin like this. There is a feeling of déjà vu,Where did you seeDid you?

Image: Samsung

Charger not includedBecause.There was a glimpse of rumor last yearRight.

Screenshot 2021-01-151.41.44-1
Image: Samsung

It was also specified on the official website.

Image: Samsung

During the announcement event of the S21 series, such a video was shown, and it seems that it is environmentally friendly to stop including the charger. Everyone has some kind of charger, so it doesn’t make sense to add a new one, so let’s stop and be kind to the earth.

However, Samsung said, “A charger is included with my GalaxyThere was a time when I was proud to say.October 13th last yearIt’s about the same, but now it’s minimal and stylish not to include a charger. I think so too!

Source: Samsung (1, 2)

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