The “charged” Octavia at high speed will burst into an exhibition in Geneva: What have the Czechs prepared?

The latest generation Skoda Octavia debuted at the end of last year, but an enhanced version of the model is still waiting in the wings.

It is expected that the “charged Octavia” will be presented to the public during the Geneva Motor Show in March. But what is known about this car?

Skoda Octavia vRS will receive 2-liter gasoline and efficient engines. The gas engine will receive 250 “horses”, and the speed of acceleration to 100 km / h, according to the assurances of the Czechs, will be 6.5 seconds. The diesel engine will receive a more modest power – 181 liters. from.

It is also expected that the sedan will receive a rechargeable hybrid based on a 1.4-liter engine. Gasoline engine A 250-horsepower engine will work in tandem with a DSG gearbox, it can accelerate to hundreds in 7 seconds.

A hybrid version of the car will cost more than the rest – about 40,000 euros, which in translation will amount to more than 2,700,000,000 rubles. It should be borne in mind that the usual version has not yet appeared in Russian dealerships. Octavia will appear with us by the end of this year. Most likely, Skoda Octavia will come to Russia with old 1.6 MPI and 1.4 TSI engines, so it’s too early to think about the “charged” version.

The current generation of “Octavia” is sold from 1,119,000 rubles, the top version in the station wagon will cost 2 051,000 rubles. Obviously, with the change of generation, the model will rise in price

Yuri Gorbachev

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