the Chamois raise a new obstacle to the project

The project of the future stadium in Niort becomes more and more hypothetical. This Monday, September 28, we learned from the mouth of the mayor Jérôme Baloge that the leaders of the Chamois niortais finally want keep part of the training center which is behind the current annex land. Where the grip of the new stadium should be. Because the Chamois budget for this new training center has been reduced considerably, from 6 million euros initially to 600,000 euros today.

We are unfortunately waiting for certain elements to better understand and grasp the issues. The objective is that our Chamois continue to advance but it is true that it is a little surprising – Jérôme Baloge mayor of Niort

The stadium project, a sea serpent in Niort, has never been so advanced. “We are at the second jury of the competition before launching the project management so the community is more than in the starting blocks it is at work. But we must also do with the partners. It is obvious that if things have changed, we must also readjust “, declares Jérôme Baloge who specifies that he is “discussion position”.

The sports complex project provides for the construction of a 8,500-seat football stadium, the rehabilitation of athletics stadium, a 200-meter athletics track, a hammer throw area, but also the development of a forecourt and parking spaces.

Concerned supporters

A situation that also worries the supporters. Ultras Niort have published a press release and wonder: “Why this sudden turnaround when everything seemed tied up for the new stadium? From a new stadium, a new training center, in a month we spent having to stay at René Gaillard and a low-cost training center. All this with an investor who has no money “. They ask for a meeting with the new president.

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