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The chairman of a listed company is suspected of being poisoned and died, and the bumpy road to film and television of “Three-Body” is coming again (Da Vernacular 12.26)

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  Recently, there is something that has attracted more attention in the financial circle, that isYouzu NetworkLynch, the chairman of the board of directors, was suspected of being poisoned and died yesterday.

Today’s article will analyze this matter.

The reason why I pay more attention to this matter is because I like the novel “Three Body” very much. If it weren’t for this, I guess I wouldn’t write about it.

  (1) Disposal of the three-body universe

For those who don’t know the game industry, knowing about Youzu and Lynch may come from the ambitious plan of the “Three Body” universe proposed by Youzu.

“It just so happens” that Lynch and Xu Yao, who is suspected of poisoning, are the key two people who first proposed the “Three-Body” universe.

In 2009, the copyright of “Three Body” was bought by director Zhang Fanfan and his wife for 100,000 yuan.

In 2014, Lynch, who was a fan of “Three-Body” novel, planned to make “Three-Body” into a movie, and found Zhang Fanfan and his wife.

However, Zhang Fanfan held the copyright in his hand and asked Zhang Fanfan to be the director himself and Zhang Fanfan’s wife to be the screenwriter. This made the movie version of “Three-Body” a husband and wife file.

After all, the copyright is in the hands of the other party, and Lynch can only pinch his nose as an investor.

But unexpectedly, the quality of the film produced by Zhang Fanfan is really worrying. As a result, the three-body film that was originally going to be released in 2016 had to be continuously postponed. In the end, it was said that the effect of the film was so poor that Lynch really took it. If not, the release of the film will be terminated.

After this incident, Lynch always wanted to buy the copyright from Zhang Fanfan and his wife.

At this time, Youzu Networks was still very rich as a listed company. Lynch finally bought the copyright of Santiago at a sky-high price of 120 million yuan in 2018.

Zhang Fanfan and his wife bought the three-body copyright with a price of 100,000, and finally sold at a price of 120 million, becoming the biggest winner.

As for Xu Yao, who was suspected of poisoning in this incident, he used to be the legal counsel of Fosun Group. He helped Lynch to buy the copyright of Trisola at a high price six months after joining in 2017.

For this reason, after Lynch bought the copyright of Santiago at a high price, he entrusted Xu Yao with the important task of making Xu Yao the CEO of the newly founded Santiago.

As a result, the ambitious three-body universe project proposed by Youzu Networks was led by such a legal person across the border to implement it.

In September of this year, Youzu Network announced that it would cooperate with Netflix to film the English version of the “Three-Body” series.

This matter was also on the hot search at the time, and many stories came out.

But everyone did not expect that Lynch and Xu Yao, the proponents of the three-body universe, would eventually end in this way.

After this incident came out, it became a hot spot for a time because of many factors such as “listed company chairman” and “colleague poisoning”. There were many people making various speculations about the cause of the incident, and there were many trails without real evidence. The news spread everywhere, and many still have peachy gimmicks.

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For this kind of unsubstantiated gossip, I will not follow it, so there will be no unsubstantiated speculations involved here. The specifics are to wait for the police investigation results to be announced.

But because I have been paying attention to the film and television adaptation process of “Three Body”, I have noticed one thing before.

That was in September of this year, when Youzu Network announced that it was cooperating with Netflix to make a series of “Three-Body”, Xu Yao did not appear in the production list once announced.

At that time, the list of the main creators of the English version of the “Three-Body” series attracted a lot of attention.

Because the partner Netflix is ​​the world’s largest paid streaming media platform, and it ranks among the top five Internet companies in the United States with US$227 billion.

The US stock market has always said that the five Internet giants FAANG, where N refers to Netflix.

Including the well-known American drama “Game of Thrones”, which was produced by Netflix.

The main creative team of the English version of “Three-Body” is based on the “Game of Thrones” team.

From this list of main creators, you can see that Liu Cixin, the author of the “Three-Body” novel, is acting as a production consultant, and at the same time, Lin Qi and Zhao Jilong are supervising the Fangliyouzu network, but Xu Yao is not seen.

Therefore, although Xu Yao’s motive for poisoning the drug is still unclear, this has to wait for the police investigation results to be announced.

But there must be some deep contradiction between the two sides. As for what such contradiction is, it is not known, and I don’t want to guess.

(2) The letter and approval issue of Youzu Network

In this incident, the performance of Youzu Networks as a listed company was shocking. It also showed that many of our listed companies used “rumors” to dispel rumors as an instinctive reaction to such negative news.

According to the Daily Business News report, Lynch arrived at the hospital at about 18:15 on December 16.

According to this report, in fact, on December 17, Lynch’s situation was basically critical, and even reached a state where brain death can be basically determined, but a formal diagnosis has not yet been given.

However, on December 23, Youzu Network issued an announcement saying that it had recently received a notice from the family of Chairman and General Manager Lynch that Lynch was admitted to the hospital due to unwellness. After treatment, his current physical condition is stable and improving.

Lynch was admitted to the hospital on December 16th and was already critical on December 17th, and the news did not spread rapidly on the Internet until December 23rd. It has been 6 days, and I am learning about Lynch’s condition. It should already be clear to the insider.

However, Youzu Network still refutes the “rumors” spread on the Internet.

It even appeared that the listed company had just refuted the rumors in the morning and did not poison it, but it was only in the afternoon that the police reported that the poison was further confirmed.

Later, after confirming the poisoning statement, an open letter was sent, claiming that Lynch’s physical condition is stable and continues to improve.

However, the death of Lynch yesterday made this statement of Youzu Networks strongly questioned.

If you are not a listed company, then forget it. Since you are a listed company, you must be responsible to all shareholders. Transparent information disclosure is the most basic duty.

We are engaged in the registration system this year, coupled with the financial fraud of Ruixing Coffee, which makes us always consider the improvement of the information disclosure mechanism of the domestic capital market as a very important matter.

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If nothing else, the issue of information disclosure by this time is likely to be questioned.

The stock price of Youzu Networks has been unsatisfactory this year.

After following the surge in the market in July this year, there was a sharp drop soon, and the stock price had been cut in half before December 16.

However, the strange thing is that on December 17, the stock price of, which had been cut in half, plummeted 5% again, and fell for several days.

It can be seen that there are some “smart” on-site funds, which should have received news of Lynch’s admission on December 17.

Then, until most retail investors knew about this, it was until December 23. By this time, the stock price of Youzu Networks had plummeted continuously.

Such opaque news and asymmetry have caused heavy losses for retail investors.

Lynch did not announce his information as soon as he was admitted to the hospital on December 16, because of the opacity of information disclosure on Youzu’s network.

After the news that Lynch was critically ill went viral on the Internet on December 23, Youzu’s network carried out various rumors to deny that Lynch was critically ill, which was suspected of disclosing false information.

Therefore, after the unfortunate death of Lynch yesterday, Youzu Networks still needs to give shareholders and the market an explanation.

In fact, our listed companies have always had a problem, that is, they do not have the consciousness of listed companies.

Many entrepreneurs still regard the company as their own after listing.

But there is no such good thing in the world.

Going public has allowed these entrepreneurs to realize their huge wealth at a high valuation, but you don’t want to be responsible to the shareholders. All the advantages are taken up by these entrepreneurs.

Even like the previous Kangmei Pharmaceutical and Kangdexin, the entrepreneurs themselves stretched their hands to the listed companies because of the high debt and high leverage problems, which led to the tension of the capital chain, and unscrupulously took out the listed companies.

This kind of problem, which is not conscious of listed companies at all, has always existed.

And the mentality of many companies’ management that is only responsible to the company’s founders, including supervisors who are in vain, makes it difficult for companies to have such a sense of being responsible for the majority of shareholders.

This is how we can truly protect the interests of small and medium investors on the road of capital market construction. It still needs a lot of energy to improve.

  (3) Give life to the years

Finally, let’s talk about Lynch.

I don’t know him, so I don’t want to judge him casually, because the dead are gone.

But when it comes to filming the film and television version of “Three-body”, Lynch really wanted to make the three-body film well. For this point, I still admire him.

From the beginning, because the copyright was in the hands of Zhang Fanfan and his wife, Zhang Fanfan stubbornly insisted on being a director.

But to be honest, everyone knows that Zhang Fanfan doesn’t have the ability to shoot the three bodies well.

In this way, Lynch started investing 400 million yuan in 2014 (I don’t know if he actually spent that much) to shoot the movie version of “Three-Body” for Zhang Fanfan.

As a result, it is said that Zhang Fanfan took the three-body photo like “PPT”.

Later, on August 22, 2015, Sansato won the Hugo Award and became a real hit.

This makes the three-body movie being filmed has been pushed to the forefront.

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Under this circumstance, Lynch did not rashly put the crudely crafted version of the three-body movie on the market. According to him, he could not destroy the three-body IP.

Later, because Zhang Fanfan always insisted on being a director, Lynch had to buy the copyright from Zhang Fanfan at a high price for 120 million yuan, which was indeed a sky-high price.

After buying back the copyright of Trisolaris, Lynch founded Trisolaris as a company, and launched a new “Threesolaris” development plan: three movies, two domestic TV series, and a six-season English drama series. , More than three seasons of animation…

Afterwards, the film and television of the three bodies began to press the accelerator key.

In May 2019, the filing public information showed that “Three Body” will be adapted into a TV series and has passed the filing. The TV series will start filming in September, with a total of 24 episodes.

In June 2019, the “Three-Body” animation project was launched; the October Cultural Announcement stated that Tian Xiaopeng, the director of “The Return of the Great Sage”, will be the director of “Three-Body”.

In September 2020, Youzu announced the joint development and production of “Three-Body” English series with Netflix.

This series of actions all show that Lynch is really hardworking, and has spent a lot of investment, wanting to shoot the IP of Sansei.

However, Lynch’s own main business,’s performance in the past two years has not been very good.

After setting an annual profit of 1 billion in 2018, the profit of Youzu Networks plummeted to 257 million in 2019, probably because it burned too much money to advance the various projects of the Three-body Universe.

This is also reflected in the fact that Lynch, as the controlling shareholder of Youzu Networks, pledged 78% of his shares in exchange for cash flow.

And in the past year, Lynch has been drastically reducing his shares.

In March of this year, Lynch still held 274 million shares of As of September 30, he only held 220 million shares and reduced his holdings by 50 million shares. According to the average price of this year of 20 yuan. , Accumulatively reduced holdings and cashed out 1 billion yuan.

The “Three-Body Universe” in Lynch’s heart feels that it is too big, which may have something to do with Lynch’s personality.

Normally, one should be focused on a certain point first, for example, to focus on filming a movie first, or to focus on filming a series first, but Lynch has spread it all at once…

But this really takes this step too much, and it burns too much money.

Like what Lynch himself said in an interview before, what he fears most is destroying the “three-body”.

Therefore, as a person who also likes “Three-Body” novels, I still hope that the film and television road of “Three-Body” can continue to be filmed after the bumps.

The appearance of “The Wandering Earth” film adapted from Liu Cixin’s novel has rekindled hope for China‘s sci-fi movies and has confidence in China‘s film industrialization.

But if “The Wandering Earth” is just a surprise, then “Three-Body” carries too many people’s expectations.

Under heavy pressure, it is definitely not an easy task to make “Three Body” well.

What’s more, “Three-Body” itself is also the most difficult type of film to make. It takes a lot of money to make it.

Therefore, I personally also sincerely hope that after Lynch’s death, “Three-Body” will eventually be filmed and presented wonderfully in front of the screen.

“Giving time to civilization” is also “giving time to life”.


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