The chains continue to raise wages this year. Albert will add to his people for the second time in September

The Albert ČR chain will increase the wages of employees in stores and distribution centers by an average of three percent from September. He will add them for the second time this year, improving by an average of four percent since January. It thus responds to the current economic situation and the sharp rise in the cost of living in connection with high inflation. Albert Jiří Mareček, director of store communication, said this.

Albert operates around 330 stores and three distribution centers in the Czech Republic, and employs around 20,000 people. “Since 2016, this is the eighth big wave of wage increases, but at the same time it is the first time that there has been a second, extraordinary increase in one year,” said Mareček.

Wages of Kaufland workers have risen by an average of four percent since March. In addition, according to the company, most employees at the sales assistant have a contract that they will pay an average of another three percent higher from July 1.

Lidl, which, like Kaufland, belongs to the German retail group Schwarz, has added employees since February, depending on the position and years worked. The starting salary for salesmen and cashiers in Lidl, working 40 hours a week from 1 February, amounts to CZK 29,700, which is CZK 1,129 more than before. In Prague, a new salesman or cashier earns CZK 32,300 instead of the previous CZK 30,857.

Since April, Billa has increased the wages of store workers by an average of ten percent. In terms of people, people improved by an average of 2,000 crowns a month. The Penny network, which, like Bill, is part of the international retail chain Rewe, has raised its employees’ wages, logistics centers and headquarters by an average of five percent since March. A salesman at Penny earns between 26,000 and 31,000 crowns working full time at no extra charge, depending on the length of his job.

Tesco in the Czech Republic will increase the salaries of employees at operating points and in the distribution center by an average of five percent from July. At the same time, they cancel entry wage rates, so all employees in a given category will receive the same tariff wage. This could mean an increase in wages of up to 15 percent on average, the company said earlier.

Salary of a Czech seller according to the portal ranges from CZK 20,000 to CZK 39,000 gross per month, depending on the region and employer. According to the Czech Statistical Office, the average wage in the Czech Republic in the first quarter of this year increased by 7.2 percent year on year to 37,929 crowns. The employees thus improved by an average of 2533 crowns. After adjusting for inflation, however, monthly earnings fell by an average of 3.6 percent compared to the same period last year.

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