The central bank opens an outlet for the sale of dollars at the Baghdad international airport

Mubasher: The Central Bank of Iraq has announced the opening of a new outlet to sell cash dollars to travelers at Baghdad International Airport through the Iraqi Trade Bank.head trauma).

The Central Bank said in a statement that sales to travelers will begin tomorrow, Tuesday 10 January 2023, with a maximum of 5,000 US dollars.

And the Central Bank of Iraq earlier expanded the number of bank branches for foreign currency sales from 20 banks to include all banks covered by it, and affected banks, following the success of its initiative to improve the stability of the currency price in local markets, underlining that the exchange rate rise is a temporary case.

Yesterday, the Central Bank of Iraq decided to include banks that are authorized to participate in the electronic platform and wish to participate in the sale of cash dollars for travel, treatment and study purposes.

The Central Bank confirmed the expansion of the number of foreign exchange outlets in Baghdad bank branches, under the direct supervision of this bank’s inspection teams.

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