The Cell Nucleus: Definition, Structure and Function for Life – All Pages – Kids, what do you know about cell nucleus?

Yes, the cell nucleus or nucleus is the most important structure in animal and plant life.

So, this time, GridKids will invite you to learn about the cell nucleus.

So, what exactly is the cell nucleus? Come on, let’s look at the information!

Cell Core

The nucleus or cell nucleus is the most important structure in animal and plant cells.

The cell nucleus is the main control center for the cell and acts like a brain.

The nucleus itself is an organelle in the cell.

The following is the structure of the cell nucleus or nucleus

Nucleus Structure

Nuclear envelope – The nuclear envelope protects the nucleus from remaining cytoplasm inside the nucleus from escaping.

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Nucleolus – Nucleolus is the large structure within the nucleus which makes ribosomes and RNA.

Nucleoplasm – Nucleoplasm is the liquid that fills the inside of the nucleus.

Chromatin – Chromatin is the part that organizes chromosomes before a cell divides.

Pores – Pores are tiny channels that allow smaller molecules to pass through.

Ribosomes – Ribosomes are made inside the nucleolus and then sent outside the nucleus to make proteins.

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Nucleus Function

The most important function of the nucleus is to store the cell’s genetic information in the form of DNA.

DNA holds the instructions for how the cell should work.

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DNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid.

DNA molecules are organized into special structures called chromosomes.

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Sections of DNA called genes store information such as eye color and height.

That’s the meaning, structure and function of the nucleus, right, Kids.


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