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【New Tang Dynasty Beijing time on August 11, 2022】CCPWhen again besieged by the United States and the world, the CCPWolf Warrior DiplomacyIn the past few days, it has become the focus of intensive international media attention.

Political news outlet The Politico reported on August 11 that as Beijing gradually realized that after being besieged in international political contests, its foreign ministry was no longer “pretending to be a good person” as before, wolf-like diplomacy has become the norm.CCPdiplomatic features, and not only from the foreign ministry podium in Washington or Beijing, the number of CCP warriors in Europe has been quietly rising recently.

Lu Shaye

Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye. (Guillaume Souvant/AFP via Getty Images)

Wolf Rating: 5

Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador to France, is one of the main diplomats of the Chinese Communist Party in the world. He recently said publicly that he would “re-educate Taiwanese” after reunification, sparking controversy.

Lu Shaye told BFM TV: “After reunification, we will re-educate and I am sure that by then, the people of Taiwan will again be in favor of reunification. They will become patriots again.”

His remarks came amid heightened tensions across the Taiwan Strait following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

European MP Nathalie Loiseau described Lu Shaye’s remarks as “shameful”.

Patrick Martin Genier, an expert on European studies at Sciences Po, noted that the term “re-education” conjures up images of concentration camps, Soviet and Mao-era labor camps. “Lu Shaye’s statement is incredible! Re-education of 23 million Taiwanese is equivalent to turning the entire island of Taiwan into a concentration camp.”

This is not the first time the 57-year-old ambassador has drawn attention in Paris.

During the epidemic, under his supervision, the Chinese embassy in France began to publish false information about how France was handling the virus, and at one point said nursing home staff had abandoned those in their care and let them die. The French Foreign Ministry summoned him for this.

Last year, Lu Shaye’s embassy launched an online attack on Antoine Bondaz, a China scholar at the Strategic Research Foundation, calling him a “petite frappe,” a “hyène folle,” and an “ideological troll.” troll idéologique) for his comments on Taiwan. Lu Shaye was summoned again by the French Foreign Ministry.

Zheng Zeguang

Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese ambassador to the UK. (Jonathan Brady/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Wolf Rating: 3

Zheng Zeguang, the CCP’s top envoy to the UK, held a rare press conference at the embassy when British prime minister candidate Liz Truss vowed to help Taiwan defend itself, clamoring, “(Britain) don’t play with fire with the US, because playing with fire They will set themselves on fire!” and so on.

On the 10th, the British Foreign Office summoned Zheng Zeguang and asked him to explain the behavior of the CCP’s military exercise against Taiwan.

In the face of the international community’sWolf Warrior DiplomacyZheng Zeguang has been caught in a political storm since he took office last year. Due to the CCP’s persecution of human rights and sanctions against British parliamentarians who dare to speak out, the speakers of the upper and lower houses of the UK jointly decided not to allow Zheng Zeguang to step into the British Parliament.

Zheng Zeguang’s predecessor, Liu Xiaoming, was also a “Wolf Warrior diplomat” known for his inflammatory language on social media, attacking British critics of China’s policies. The Politico reported that British lawmakers still pointed out that Zheng Zeguang’s words were a notch below Liu Xiaoming’s.

Special Representative of the Chinese Communist Party on European AffairsWu Hongbo。 (Karim Sahib/AFP via Getty Images)

Wolf Rating: 4

As the Chinese foreign ministry’s special envoy for European affairs, Wu Hongbo’s job is to meet with European diplomats in China, and to make occasional tours of European countries.

Some EU diplomats in China say they are being targeted by wolves for comments made by the European Parliament. “You’re telling us that you have nothing to do with the European Parliament,” Wu Hongbo once told the EU’s ambassador to China, Nicolas Chapuis, according to the South China Morning Post. “That’s not going to work for China.” “It doesn’t matter how the EU divides power. , we only admit one.”

Wu Hongbo, 70, is a seasoned diplomat, a former UN deputy secretary-general and previously assistant foreign minister for European affairs.

Chinese Ambassador to GermanyWu Ken。(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Wolf Rating: 2

As for Wu Ken, “The Politician” wrote, “The Chinese ambassador to Germany clearly knows where he should bite when needed.”

In December 2019, Wu Ken, the Chinese ambassador to Germany, made a clear statement on whether Germany would exclude Huawei from the 5G telecom market at a public symposium: “If Germany finally makes a decision to exclude Huawei from the German market. , there will be consequences, and the Chinese government will not stand idly by.”

Wu Ken also personally attacked Maas in 2019 when Heiko Maas, then German foreign minister, met with Hong Kong student leader Wong Chi-fung. “It is a disgrace for Germany to allow a Hong Kong separatist to visit and meet with political leaders, including the foreign minister himself,” he said.

Some China experts say that while Mr. Wu has softened his stance since then, he is expected to get tough again when Germany unveils a new China strategy this year.

Former Chinese Ambassador to SwedenGui Congyou。 (Jonas Ekströmer/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

Wolf Rating: 5

Gui Congyou, a prominent Chinese wolf warrior diplomat, left his post as ambassador to Sweden in September last year. Local media reported that it was rare to see such a “diplomat without diplomatic means” that political parties in the host country united to demand his removal.

Gui Congyou served as a special envoy at a time of tension between Stockholm and Beijing. Her topic initially revolved around the Chinese Communist Party’s detention of Swedish bookseller Gui Minhai, before turning into criticism of the Swedish government’s restrictions on Huawei and ZTE.

“The Politician” said that Gui Congyou is one of the most fierce wolf warrior diplomats not only in Europe, but also in the entire diplomatic system of the CCP. Sweden’s opposition MPs have repeatedly called for him to be declared “persona non grata”.

Gui Congyou has been controversial since he took office in 2017. He has repeatedly intimidated Swedish journalists, politicians, think tanks and even the government, and is regarded by the Swedish media as a threat to democracy and freedom of speech. Opposition parties, including the Left Party, the Christian Democratic Party and the Sweden Democratic Party, demanded that the Swedish government expel Gui Congyou after he threatened the reporter again in April 2021.

An opinion piece in Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper, titled “Few diplomats have so little diplomacy,” pointed out that Gui’s fiery demeanor had led normally uncooperative parties to unite to demand his expulsion. He commented that his high-profile move may be to impress domestic officials, and whether he will be rewarded by his superiors remains to be seen.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Chen Beichen/responsible editor: Lin Qing)

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