The CCL dollar and the MEP bounce after strong weekly falls

For its part, the dollar MEP -similar operation than the CCL-, rebounds 1.5% to $ 103.99 after having dropped 6.5% in the last five days, so the spread with the wholesaler widens to 47.7%.

The drop last week came after the Argentine National Securities Commission (CNV) ordered last Monday a series of measures that deepen the obstacles to the operation that allows to make dollars through business with assets.

In this sense, it determined that the negotiation and settlement of transactions in local currency of negotiable securities can only be carried out in markets regulated by CNV, that agents must daily net their purchases and sales of negotiable securities in the local market with cable settlement. , with those purchases and sales of negotiable securities in foreign markets.

It also established a minimum holding period of five business days so that negotiable securities from foreign depositories and accredited by the local custodian can be applied to the settlement of operations in foreign currency.

It should be clarified that this does not directly affect the investors’ operations, although, indirectly, the measure tends to stabilize the price of the “cable dollar”.

Official dollar

He “tourist” dollar -which carries 30% of the COUNTRY tax- climbs 27 cents to $ 95.90, since on average the retailer rises 21 cents to $ 73.77, according to the average of Scope in banks and agencies of the Buenos Aires city.

Whereas, at Banco Nación, the ticket is priced at $ 73, while the electronic channel sells for $ 72.95.

In the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency advances 18 cents to $ 70.40 at the level set for today by the Central Bank with its usual selling position.

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It happens while the yellow lights begin to go on in front of a selling BCRA. The greater restrictions to access currencies at the official exchange rate implied that in the first two weeks of June, the BCRA repurchased US $ 314 million and US $ 361 million, respectively. But already in the third and fourth week of the month, instead of buying, he was a net seller.

Blue Dollar

He blue dollar operates stable at $ 129 for sale, according to a survey of Scope in Cuevas del Microcentro, its new maximum so far in June.

Beyond that since the beginning of the mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government, the parallel ticket accumulates a jump of $ 43.50 (on March 20 it had closed at $ 85.50), so far in June the price shows greater stability, operating in a range between $ 124 and $ 128.

Central Bank reserves

On Friday, Bookings International gross of the BCRA rose $ 3 million this Friday to close the week in $ 43,201 million. In this way, they recorded a growth of u $ s22 million compared to last week.


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