The C’Chartres women’s basketball jet overthrows Toulouse

This match promised a lot on paper. The CCBF, author of a great start to the season, received Toulouse, announced as the big favorite on the rise. Before the match, the two teams had the same record, three wins for one loss. It was time to decide. And the least we can say is that the poster did not disappoint!

The C’Chartres Basket Féminin facing the Toulouse ogre

A complicated start to the match

The Chartraines completely missed out on their start to the match. Much too wait-and-see, they watched the Toulouse women stack the baskets. At the end of the first quarter, the difference was already big (9-22). And we could even think that the match was already folded as Toulouse seemed to be walking. Benoît Marty, very annoyed by the attitude of his daughters, had to raise his voice. And the reaction was quick.

In the second quarter, his daughters stopped the bleeding. Then, they really accelerated back from the locker room. It is especially defensively that everything has changed. Much more aggressive, the “Bluelights” completely prevented opposing individualities from expressing themselves. And they were clever behind the 3-point line, like this improved shot from Margot Bienvenu in the last second of the third act. Three points which ignited the Jean-Cochet hall but which marked above all definitively the return of Chartres in the fight (43-45, 30 ‘).

A fiery atmosphere

The 500 spectators present who, like the Chartraines, had also had a little trouble lighting up, were pushing harder and harder behind the CCBF. And what we felt was happening happened. On a long shot from Marine Debaut, the Chartraines passed the scoreboard for the first time in the match (56-54, 34 ‘). Improved shots from Bienvenu and Debaut (again!), A few seconds from the end, confirmed the success of the Euréliennes.

premium Joelly Belleka, ex-Chartres player: “I checked this match!”

With this victory, C’Chartres BF consolidates its second place in the Ligue 2 standings, behind Strasbourg, the only undefeated team. But, above all, by overcoming the Toulouse armada, the daughters of Benoît Marty send a strong message: they will play at the top of the table this season!

Find the reaction of Benoît Marty (CCBF coach)

CHARTRES (Jean-Cochet hall). C’Chartres BF beats Toulouse 68 to 62 (half-time: 22-34) (quarter-time: 9-22, 13-12, 21-11, 25-17). Arbitrators: M. Bonnieu and MM. The Archer. Spectators: around 500.
C’Chartres BF : Married (5), Debaut (15), Hillotte (6), Bienvenu (6), Mfutila (19), Niaré (6), Mahoutou (4), Farcy (7), Griard (X). 42% success on shots (26/62) including 36% at 3 points (10/28). 60% on free throws (6/10). 36 rebounds (MFutila, 9). 14 fouls (Disqualification: Niaré).
Toulouse MB : Loyd (19), De Freitas (4), Belleka (12), Strunc (20), Brochant (2), Mulumba (2), Jakovljevic (2), Guirassy (X), Lokoka (1). 40% success on shots (22/55) including 27% at 3 points (7/26). 65% on free throws 11/17). 34 rebounds (Strunc, 6). 14 fouls. Gap: +7 for Chartres (63-56, 37 ‘); +15 for Toulouse (9-24, 11 ‘)

Etienne Celle



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