The C’Chartres Basket Masculin shattered the leader, Rennes

If the first leg had kept all its promises with a crazy final turning to the advantage of Rennes (101-99 after extra time), during the return leg, there was no picture, this Tuesday, January 24 in a Halle Jean-Cochet conquered.

Unsurprisingly, Chartres and Rennes presented themselves in a classic configuration with the 5 major of the last day. It was the Bretons who lit the fuse first, with the American Behrend. The Union was in its match on its first seconds with Cape and Matip which fed the mark (3-6, 3 ‘). If Chartres replied with Mukuna and Noël, the formation of Pascal Thibaud remained in front with Condé (10-11).

The exit of Mukuna, already credited with 2 faults, allowed Craion to enter for his first match with the CCBM. Chartres stood up, despite a new advantage for the Bretons, signed by their leader and captain Cape (16-18, 18 ‘). It will be the last time that Rennes will be in front.

The Chartres machine accelerated with Ricard-Dorigo and a final basket from Craion – his first in his new colors – at the end of this quarter (26-22, 10′).

C’Chartres Basket Masculin – Rennes, shock at the top in Cochet

Despite the Condé danger, Chartres kept the… reins and made his lead grow during the second act. It was going too fast for the overwhelmed Unionists (38-29, 15′). Subsequently, the Guinean-Spanish Condé was the only Rennes player to score for a badly shaken Union before returning to the locker room (52-40, 20′). Like a metronome, the CCBM had just scored 26 points in each period, and above all 52 units in twenty minutes at a hellish pace (52-40).

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A 3-point orgy in the 3rd quarter

But we hadn’t seen anything yet. The surge would come after the break. We wonder what fly had stung the players of Moatassim Rhennam who were going to be infernal at 3 points. Noël, already at 3/3, began the long-distance festival, imitated in stride by Ricard-Dorigo.

After a fifth of Christmas (61-40, 23 ‘), it was Siegwarth who ignited the hall with three missiles in a row (74-44, 27′). Rennes, on the ropes, had not finished suffering in this nightmarish period for the flock of Pascal Thibaud. In the space of 68 seconds, Bouloukouet put on three award-winning baskets and pushed the thermometer up to +38 (85-47, 30’).

The match was folded for Bretons in agony against the euphoric Chartrains who reached the bar of 40 points difference in the last act (97-57, 37 ‘), and the symbolic bar of 100 points. In the league, Chartres will therefore have scored 202 points for the leader. This evening, the CCBM was on cloud nine, like its 135 collective evaluation. New season record*.

* The record was 128 in the win over Poitiers (96-59).


CHARTRES (Jean-Cochet hall). C’Chartres BM beat Union Rennes 103 to 65 (half-time: 52-40) (quarter-time: 26-22, 26-18, 33-9, 18-16). Referees: Messrs. Burnel and Cartigny. Spectators: around 1,100.
C’Chartres BM : Christmas (22), Pellin (0), Siegwarth (18), Ricard-Dorigo (14), Mukuna (13), Bouloukouet (14), Doumbia (5), Crayon (12), Mbodj (4) and Haidara (1). ).
51% shooting success (37/72) including 48% at 3 points (14/29). 75% to free throws (15/20). 48 rebounds (Ricard-Dorigo, 12). 19 fouls.
Union Rennes: Sidibé (10), Cape (7), J. Sclear (5), Behrend (4), Matip (9) then Fontaine (2), Poncet-Le Berre (4), A. Sclear (3), Condé (21 ).
36% shooting success (24/66) including 19% at 3 points (5/26). 70% to free throws (12/17). 34 rebounds (Matip, 6). 18 fouls.
Difference :+40 for Chartres (97-57, 37′); +3 for Rennes (3-6, 3′).

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Jean-André Provost

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