The catering industry feels bitten by the threat of local measures | NOW

The hospitality industry fears through Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) that corona measures will be introduced in some regions, whereby the hospitality industry would sooner have to be closed. KHN thinks this is a bad plan, the trade association announced on Thursday.

The Cabinet gives Friday, a press conference at which regional measures are likely to be announced to prevent further spread of the corona virus. The virus is flaring up again in a number of cities and regions.

The hospitality industry fears an imposed closure in a number of regions, including the four major cities, from midnight. “This is a non-proportional measure,” said KHN. According to the interest group, figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) show that 5.5 percent of all identified infections took place in the catering industry last week.

That percentage would be less than at home (55.4 percent), through other family (10.3 percent) or at work (9.5 percent). “Despite the fact that each contamination is one too many, this makes the question legitimate whether the measures for the catering industry are based on numbers or whether it concerns symbolic politics”, says KHN.

According to KHN chairman Robèr Willemsen, additional measures for the catering industry would mean an extra financial loss. “For a sector that is already looking into the abyss.”


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