The Catalan Hipra offers to bring vaccines against covid to Africa

The detection of a new variant of coronavirus in southern Africa has further highlighted the urgency of achieving higher vaccination rates in all parts of the world to prevent the virus from continuing to circulate and mutate. The omicron variant that South Africa identified a few days ago accumulates up to 30 mutations. One of the impediments suffered by the poorest countries is the distribution and conservation of injections due to a lack of freezers that need the doses of Pfizer and Moderna.

In this sense, the pharmaceutical company Hipra, whose vaccine against covid is the most developed research in Spain, believes that its immunologist is a good option to allocate to countries with fewer resources, since they are kept in refrigerators. “The Hipra vaccine is a good tool to access countries where frozen doses do not reach,” said the director of R&D and Hipra Registries, Èlia Torroella, in statements to Rac1.

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The Catalan Hipra offers to bring vaccines against covid to Africa

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“If everything goes as we hope, in a few months we should be able to have a new tool in the world to fight the pandemic,” he added. Once most of the vaccinations of phase 2b of the trials have been completed, the pharmacist based in Amer, Girona, plans to present the documentation to the European Medicines Agency before the end of the year, and that they can begin to evaluate the data in December. “And then it will go in parallel with the results of clinical trials,” he detailed.

Regarding the rumors that the immunologist’s investigation was stopped due to lack of volunteers, Torroella has denied it, although he has acknowledged that there have been certain complications because some volunteers are being vaccinated with the third dose. “We need about a thousand volunteers, and due to the condition of the trial it must be carried out for more than six months, they have the entire Pfizer guideline. People in this profile are those over 65 years of age and health personnel, and at that time They are also being offered the third dose. I’m not saying that all of this has not complicated it for us, but the trial is not stopped, quite the contrary. ”

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As for the omicron variant, Torroella explained that the Hipra vaccine can be adapted to mutations “quite simply”. “In fact, when we started to develop it, it had a sequence of the Wuhan virus, and after a few months we saw the concern with the new variants and we adapted it,” he explained.

Hipra’s vaccine is different than mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna) or adenovirus (AstraZeneca). It is “a third type, which takes longer to reach the market because they are more sophisticated,” reported the director of the vaccine. “It has a virus protein that is accompanied by well-known components in human vaccines, with a very high safety profile. It is a new generation vaccine,” he detailed.


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