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The case of Petamburan Inkrah, this is the latest description of the case against Habib Rizieq


Habib Rizieq Shihab still behind bars. At least Rizieq’s condition was caused by 3 things that ensnared him, ranging from crowd affairs in the midst of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic to issues regarding tests. swab at Ummi Hospital, Bogor.

For the 3 cases the verdicts were different. From imprisonment to fines imposed for Rizieq.

One by one tiered legal efforts were submitted, both from Rizieq’s side and the public prosecutor’s side. There are cases that have permanent legal force or inkrah, but some are still in process.

For more details, here is a complete explanation of each of them:

Scattering Case

In the first instance court at the East Jakarta District Court (PN Jaktim), Rizieq was found guilty of an offense related to the crowd at Petamburan which was deemed to have violated the rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic related to the Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW and his daughter’s wedding. The verdict handed down by the judges at that time was 8 months in prison.

“The trial, stated that the defendant Muhammad Rizieq Shihab was proven legally and convincingly according to the law guilty of committing a criminal act,” said presiding judge Suparman Nyompa when reading the verdict at the East Jakarta District Court, Thursday (27/5/2021).

Rizieq was found guilty of violating Article 93 of Law Number 6 of 2018 concerning Health Quarantine juncto Article 55 paragraph (1) of the 1st Criminal Code. The article is the third alternative indictment.

“The defendant was sentenced to imprisonment for 8 months,” said the judge.

The judge found Rizieq guilty in relation to the crowd exceeding the maximum limit during his daughter’s wedding ceremony and the commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday in Petamburan. This is considered to fulfill the element of not complying with the current health quarantine to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

For this case, both Rizieq and the public prosecutor’s camp filed an appeal to the DKI Jakarta High Court (PT). This decision was upheld at the appeal level so that Rizieq was sentenced to 8 months in prison.

“To strengthen the decision of the East Jakarta District Court dated 27 May 2021 Number: 221/Pid.Sus/2021/PN.Jkt.The team for which the appeal was requested,” said PT Jakarta’s decision, Wednesday (4/8/2021).

Rizieq’s camp accepted it. However, the public prosecutor filed an appeal to the Supreme Court (MA). What did MA say?

“Reject,” reads the brief appeal of the appeal that was launched in Jakarta websitehim, Monday (11/10/2021).

With this decision, Rizieq’s sentence of 8 months in prison has been given. In addition, it is known that the length of the sentence of 8 months in prison has been completed because the prison term has also been cut. However, Rizieq is still in his cell because there is a prison sentence in another case.

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