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[The Epoch Times, 09 gennaio 2023](Interview and report by Epoch Times reporter Li Xi) It has been more than 80 days since Hu Xinyu, a student of Zhiyuan High School in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, has been missing for more than 80 days. No clues have been found and the case was not closed. Unable to accept this result, the family members instructed a lawyer to continue investigating the case, but it was revealed that the police prevented the lawyer from accepting the case.

Hu Xinyu’s mysterious disappearance has become the focus of social attention. Why did the police prevent the family from hiring a lawyer to investigate the truth? Is there an unknown truth to the case?

On the day that lawyer You Feizhu signed the contract with Hu Xinyu’s mother, according to self-media reports, two plainclothes policemen claiming to be policemen stopped the lawyer’s car at the intersection with the Hu’s house and threatened him not to take Hu Xinyu’s case. The lawyer asked them to show their work permits, but they didn’t show it. Attorney You remained unmoved and continued to report the progress of the case and the various questions he asked the police to Internet netizens.

On January 6, a reporter from The Epoch Times called You Feizhu’s lawyer to check. The lawyer said: “There was no threat, but I simply refused to take the case.” He then replied, “I’m eating, I’m busy, we’ll talk about it later” and hung up the phone.

On January 9, a reporter from The Epoch Times called two police officers, Zeng and Cheng, who headed the police team in charge of Hu Xinyu’s case.

On January 7, the Public Security Bureau of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province officially notified the incidentThe Case of the Disappearance of Hu XinyuThe progress of the investigation into the case said, “No trace of Hu Xinyu’s murder, suicide or school accident was found. Based on the existing information, Hu Xinyu left the school alone and currently he’s doing his best to try.”

In response to the police report, Attorney You immediately posted an article on the Internet saying, “As a lawyer, I partially agree and partially disagree with today’s report. This report partially adopts my suggestion to edit the police report. The police still know what is hot and cold.”

Regarding the two points raised by the police in the January 1, 2023 family briefing: 1. The report was a police report of “conclusion of investigation”; 2. The report concluded that “the possibility of homicide and suicide in the school had been ruled out,” Lawyer Hai said, “I suggest (to the police): 1. Don’t jump to conclusions. 2. Change it to ‘No evidence (or circumstance, fact or material) that Hu Mouyu was killed, committed suicide, or an accident occurred at school”. Today’s report is “Progress Report” and “no trace was found that Hu Mouyu was killed, committed suicide or had an accident at school”.

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Jiangxi Zhiyuan High Schoolaerial photo. (Internet photo/The Epoch Times Summary)

Notification of the lawyer to the policerequest

A few days ago, Hu Xinyu’s uncle, Mr. Li, was interviewed by the Epoch Times reporter and said, “The police listed what they did and what work they did at the briefing that day. The lawyer commented the police report He said that because there is no clue so far, he said the crime did not take place in the school.On the first scene, the logic of this conclusion in jurisprudence is wrong, there is no supporting evidence, and the reasons hypothesized by the enumeration cannot be used as a basis for the conclusion.

A media person said, “Responding to the police statement, Attorney You suggested that, first, Mr. Hu was tired of studying and dropped out of school. If one day he didn’t want to eat, he would be considered anorexic and allegedly committed suicide “Second, the police said that no traces were found inside the school, so they assumed that Hu Xue was outside the school. Attorney You said that now Hu Xue has not been found outside the school, so can it be concluded that Hu Xue is still inside the school?”

Mr. Li said, “The enumeration method conclusion is incomplete. To draw a scientific conclusion, the causal method should be used. That is to say, because I have seen it outside the school, I can tell you that it is not in the school . It is reasonable.”

“The police said at the time what laws and regulations would not open the case, and the lawyer clarified that whatever happens, the case would be dismissed within 3 months according to the law. Even if this person’s clue does not is found after 3 months, the case will still be treated as a suspected violation. To dismiss a case,” he said.

Police say the surveillance video has been identified Hikvision denies

According to an article on the official account “Black Eyes Viewing the World” on January 7: “A few days ago, the police confidently told Hu’s family members: ‘Technicians from surveillance equipment maker Hikvision identified the video as unidentified. Deleted.’ Just now I received great news that Hikvision has denied the police claims.

“According to a Hikvision source told China News Weekly, ‘The current situation is that Hikvision is not an evaluation agency and does not provide evaluation conclusions. Hikvision has not made any decision on whether or not to delete the video. The conclusion of the evaluation.” Hikvision’s implication is that this old man won’t take the blame!”

Earlier, Mr. Li told China News Weekly that he checked the monitoring and found that from 24:00 on the night of the incident to 2:00 the next day, except for the monitoring administrator, the principal and the head teacher had all arrived in the monitoring room. Of the 6 hosts in the monitoring room, the monitoring logs of 5 of them are missing, and only the monitoring logs after 1:00 am on October 15, 2022 have access records. Therefore, the family questioned whether the surveillance video of the school had been deleted.

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Lawyer Lei said on January 6: “Since the police say they attach equal importance to criminal cases or even murder cases, why did they not outsource the assessment qualifications and no interest in video assessment? Without assessment, who is it?” Did he say he passed the assessment? Even if the opportunity doesn’t arise again, can it be considered a commissioned evaluation to find out the truth now?”

Family members respond to some rumors online

Zhiyuan Private High School in Qianshan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province is a fully closed management school. 15-year-old Hu Xinyu has been missing since October 14, 2022. The police found no clues and even informed his family that the case will not be filed. However, many enthusiastic and knowledgeable netizens continue to give clues to self-media, and there are constant hot spots on the Internet.

According to We Media, according to information provided by insiders, Hu Xinyu’s high school entrance examination scores did not meet the school’s recruitment standards, and he was too enrolled by the school because his blood type was the same as a high-ranking officer. Before he entered the school, the school signed an agreement with him, and the school gave Hu Xinyu a monthly scholarship of 1,500 yuan to raise him in captivity.

An informed netizen also said, “What happened to Hu Xinyu today was all planned by the school. In the past, there have been many disappearances and deaths in Zhiyuan High School that were solved with money. I didn’t expect the family of Hu would not accept money.It was not expected.

Faced with so many rumors, Mr. Li said, “We can’t believe these rumors and we can’t confirm these things. Someone knows about Xinyu, but doesn’t want to tell us.”

Regarding the news that Hu Xinyu signed an agreement with the school on the Internet, Mr. Li said that his family had never read the contents of the agreement. Xinyu just told his mother that he signed an agreement with the school, that is, Zhiyuan High School was his first choice, and the school gave him 1500 yuan, waiver RMB tuition fee. “Xinyu’s academic performance has always been very good. He failed the high school entrance exam due to illness, but his score of 531 exceeded the 450 points allowed by Zhiyuan High School, which is not what he has said the outside world”.

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The Epoch Times reporter called Hu Xinyu’s mother’s two cell phones, but no one answered. Mr. Li said, “Xinyu’s mother was infected with the new corona virus (CCP virus) for the second time and could not sleep at night because of Xinyu’s accident. Now her physical condition is not good.” Great, I’m a little worried.”

Mr. Li said, “I am especially grateful for the attention of the outside world. In addition to helping us find the truth, we can also protect teenagers more. Even if they look tall, they still lack the ability to protect them. We must at least let them room to grow”.

There were many teachers and students from Zhiyuan High School who disappeared and died

On January 2, the official account “Looking at the Starry Sky” wrote in the article “A 14-year-old boy went downstairs to throw garbage and disappeared after being killed, see the end of Hu Xinyu” wrote: “Liu Aocheng, a 14-year-old boy in Wuhan, went downstairs to throw out the garbage and disappeared. Eight days later his body was found on Tianxingzhou Island, more than ten kilometers from the Liu’s home, and the police did not allow the parents to see the body immediately According to Internet reports, the child’s body was damaged when it was discovered.

“More than a month has passed and the murder case has not been reported by the police, nor covered by the mainstream media. It is estimated that most people have forgotten it and very few people will continue to investigate. There is a large number of deaths every day as the new corona epidemic rages. In today’s world, death can be a common occurrence.”

“Looking at the Stars” blogger said, “The Hu Xinyu case is different from the isolated case of Liu Aocheng’s disappearance and murder. That is, all kinds of news and even rumors that have been exposed on the Internet recently are the forces to promote the discovery of the truth. What worries me most is that people like Liu Aocheng Like the case of Ao Cheng’s disappearance and murder, there is no longer any updated news on the Internet.”

According to online news, in Zhiyuan Middle School, student Ding Jiayi died on July 5, 2022 and was thrown downstairs; in 2021, the trainee teacher Xu Ye disappeared; in 2018, student Zhang Qian disappeared; in 2012, student Cao Jianghan disappeared; in 2008, one person went missing.

It is also reported that women’s bones were found in the septic tank in the school’s septic tank, there are bottled potions that dissolve flesh and blood, quilts with dormitories, blue coats, wrecked cars, dry wells and laboratories abandoned anatomical classrooms, the passage outside the school, these are already the fulcrum of the case.

In 2006, “Shangrao Daily” reported that the shareholder of Far High School was the American professor Qian Jin, and Qian Jin’s partner Du Bo ran a medical institution. (Internet photo/The Epoch Times Summary)

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