The case in the Constitutional Court for Petkov’s passport affected his personal life, a lawyer defended him


His name has been tarnished and he has the right to be heard, Ekimdzhiev insists and talks about a sentence in Strasbourg

The refusal of the Constitutional Court to hear the co-chair of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov as an interested party in the case of his Canadian passport is a violation of his rights. The allegation that he violated the constitution seriously affects Petkov’s public reputation, reputation and dignity, which are essential aspects of his right to privacy, lawyer Mihail Ekimdzhiev explained.

The former caretaker Minister of Economy will not be heard in open session of the Constitutional Court, as requested, and will not be given the opportunity to present an opinion on the issue.

Ekimdzhiev recalled that according to the constitution, “the privacy of citizens is inviolable. Everyone has the right to protection against unlawful interference with his private and family life and against infringement of his honor, dignity and reputation.

Ekimdzhiev is adamant that the case concerns violated constitutional rights. According to him, the threat to the public image of Kiril Petkov is obvious in the context of the shocking data he presented about the brutal corrupt practices of the former GERB rulers, who initiated the case with his citizenship.

“After Petkov and Asen Vassilev headed ‘We Continue Change,’ allegations of a violation of the constitution are eroding their public messages of integrity and morality, which are the ethical platform of the newly formed party,” the lawyer was quoted as saying by the “Continue Change” press office. According to him, GERB is at the root of the political abuse of Petkov’s citizenship case, due to the fact that “We continue to change” was their main political opponent, according to opinion polls.

This is confirmed by the fact that on October 13 the prosecutor’s office, whose connection with GERB is well known, announced that it is already dealing with the citizenship of the new political leader, whose determination and charisma are clearly “afraid”, Ekimdzhiev developed his thesis.

According to him, the court is “harnessed to clear political accounts” and everything can end with another conviction of Bulgaria in the European Court of Human Rights.

“Then the question arises, what is the Constitutional Court for you then, whether it protects or tramples the constitution ?!” Ekimdzhiev asks.



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