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The Norwegian Coastal Administration had to launch a government action against it on Wednesday night the ship that crashed in the Norwegian Sea on Monday. The fear then was that the ship could go ashore in a few hours.

All oil spill response resources in the area were also mobilized, in case the boat was to go ashore. But after a quarter of an hour, a fixed tow got on the ship.

Thursday morning, the cargo ship is on its way to Ålesund. Coastal director, Einar Vik Arset, says that the tow through the night has gone well and that they have control of the situation.

– It has our good weather conditions and the tow goes slowly towards Breisundet in Ålesund. They take their time and that probably makes sense, he says.

The ship now has a speed of around three knots, so it will take several hours before the cargo ship and the escort boats arrive in Ålesund.

The tow of the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” is on its way to Ålesund. It is now outside Fosnavåg.

Photo: Screenshot Marine Traffic

– Important to take action

Arset says that it became important to take action against the ship yesterday after the weather created challenging situations.

Coastal Director Einar Vik Arset

Coastal director, Einar Vik Arset, says that the towing of the cargo ship is going according to plan.

Photo: Synnøve Hole / NRK

– The driveway to the ship indicated that it could go ashore during the night, so it was important that we got a trailer in place. We experienced it as a controlled action, even though there is always a certain risk associated with such events, he says.

– What was the chance that the ship could go ashore?

– I do not want to speculate too much about it now that we have gained control. What was important was that we found a window to get people on board the ship. We did this well together with HRS, the Coast Guard and the salvage specialists, says Arset.

When the cargo ship is in place in Ålesund, the job of handing it over to the owner team that owns it begins.

– There will probably be a few days in Ålesund for inspection. The collaboration with the reiar team and their insurance company has been good, says Arset.

Towed to Florø

The green service boat “AQS Tor” which on Tuesday fell from the cargo ship in the North Sea was rescued on Wednesday and towed to Florø last night.

It is so far too early to say whether the work boat, which has a value of NOK 66 million, is damaged.

The fact that the boat fell off may have helped to prevent the cargo ship from capsizing. It is so far unclear if there are other things that have fallen off the ship.

Photo: Truls Kleiven

Without crew since Monday

“Eemslift Hendrika” was sixty nautical miles west of Ålesund when it sent out the emergency message on Monday. The ship then report a 30 degree list and HRS send three helicopters and two vessels to help.

After a quarter of an hour, the crew of 12 were evacuated and accommodated in a hotel in Giske municipality. The side has the boat floating around on its own.

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