The captain said the second half was very excited. Prepare to solve the truth in the series ‘BLACKOUT, a secret bar not in the world’

The captain said the second half was very excited. Prepare to solve the truth in the series ‘BLACKOUT, a secret bar not in the world’

Date 09 Feb. 2021 at 2:15 p.m.

‘BLACKOUT, a secret bar in the world‘, prepared to solve the truth, invites you to win a lot. Follow EP 5-8 every Wednesday at 20:00.

After being thrilled with the vertical series “BLACKOUT, no secret bar in the world” and also get a new experience in viewing EP 1-4 with a series of screens. Making it possible to see events from many angles Like watching a stage play on a mobile screen And followed closely by breathing on the neck of the actors by in EP 5 to continue with the story after Fai (Praew-Narueporn Kamol Shay) hit on Billy’s head (Ob-Ob Nithiwat Navarang K) Until Fainted and Mew (V-Violette Wautier) want to answer what happened tonight? A (Captain-Chonthon Kongyingyong) then sends the cell phone grabbed from Billy to let Mew look at the different messages in the chat room with an answer to the truth about how the whole story started. The series is one of the most brutal acts in the captain’s mode, dedicated to the role of a handsome man who is committed and ready to exchange anything for love.

The captain said, “For working on this matter I can tell that it is very difficult. With the fact that I was away from the set for a long time, when I came back, it seemed like I had to restore another. I want everything to turn out to be the best. Therefore sent me to study to improve my acting skills Because the work in the series division is very detailed If only a little miss Is equal to having to start all over In addition to the Long Take performance, everyone has to perform sync at the same time for every Take again, which is difficult. The challenge of the director, staff and cast That must be united as one But sometimes there will be a fall. Most of the time, there is nothing technically wrong. Will always be when I’m in that scene That is, it is someone who often encounters uncomfortable events on set, such as the camera, the battery runs out, the lights are on, but does not turn on, etc., until everyone starts to tease that when there is a reason, it is always in the captain’s scene. For the story in the series ‘BLACKOUT secret bar not in the world‘ in the second half from EP 5-8, I can say that I do not want everyone to miss a EP because it’s time to reveal the reason. That makes every picture cut And wake up in this secret bar !! It is looking for memories before 3am, which one has not watched 4 episodes in the first half. Don’t forget to take a look. I assure you that it will be even harder. If you want to know how much fun it will be Do not miss it. “

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Before ‘photo cut’, what exactly happened? Who remembers? Who is hiding what? Lost memories are about to be revealed ‘BLACKOUT, a secret bar in the world‘ EP 5 this Wednesday February 10 at 20:00 (watch EP 5-8 every Wednesday 20:00) and rewind. Watch the first 4 EP at ‘Watch for free on all networks’ via AIS PLAY all channels, including the AIS PLAY application, the AIS PLAYBOX box,

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