The Canton of Ticino puts Italians at the door: there is a vote to reduce residence permits

We will vote on September 27 in Switzerland on referendum on limiting access to the country of so-called economic migrants. To be particularly damaged by the possible positive outcome of the consultation, not only German and French citizens, but also Italians, who cross the border every day to reach their occupation. In short, while in Italy the policy of open borders and indiscriminate reception continues to rage, Switzerland, with an unemployment rate dropped to 2.3%, very different numbers compared to those recorded in Italy, is preparing the barricades even against frontier workers.

The nationalist right-wing UDC is strongly calling for moderate immigration, and is pressing for a limit to free movement. Little does it seem to matter that the Switzerland has a strong economic link with other European countries, with 50% of exports and 60% of imports. Precisely to keep economic relations intact, many parties and the Swiss government itself have declared themselves opposed to the “Yes”, especially because an isolation of this type would not bring any advantage to the nation in a time of difficulty such as that after the health emergency. In any case, democracy is guaranteed, and Swiss citizens will decide.

Voting yes would have serious consequences for Switzerland, for jobs and for the prosperity of our country“said the executive, as reported by”“. Acli, trade unions and numerous religious professions also support the government line. At the moment, according to the latest polls, the” No “line is prevailing, with 56% of the votes, but everything is still to be seen . In Canton Ticino, for example, the winner would be “Yes”, with 55%. “In Canton Ticino, the legislation on foreigners is interpreted at will according to a precise political vision. Important resources are destined for investigations carried out with methods that do not take into account the dignity of the people, the result is an indiscriminate witch hunt against resident foreigners in our territory “, is the harsh denunciation of Laura Riget and Fabrizio Sirica, belonging to the Socialist Party. For this reason, the Swiss left has called for the resignation of Governor Norman Gobbi.

So many Italians are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the next one consultation. Weeks ago, Andrea Pellicini, mayor of Luino (Varese), asked the Swiss neighbors for more respect towards Italians. No more hateful campaigns against cross-border commuters. Enough shameful attacks on Italians by the UDC and the Ticino League “, he had declared, as reported by “VareseNoi”. “I hope that our Swiss friends do not let themselves be influenced by induced resentments and do not vote against the free movement of people. On Sunday 27 September, the feeling of closeness that binds our peoples prevails and not those who want to deny that our workers have made great the Switzerland and its businesses. Italians have always been honored wherever they worked, throughout Europe and the world, he concluded in his statement.

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