The canton of Berne wants to examine the construction of a new high school

The canton of Berne will examine the construction of another high school in the Berne region in the long term due to the space requirement that is expected to be too medium-term.

This is where the cantonal government of Bern meets, in the Bern town hall in the old town. (Archive image) – Keystone

The government council announced this on Monday, July 4, 2022, in a response to a proposal by the federal government. In the short and medium term, the cantonal government wants to remedy the lack of space in the region’s high schools by renting them out. The cantonal government will soon deal with it, it says in the preliminary response. A loan for the rental of rooms is expected to come before the Grand Council in the spring session of 2023.

The advance came from Casimir von Arx (GLP/Köniz) and Michael Köpfli (GLP/Bern). According to their postulate, they want the government council to examine the construction of an additional high school, especially in western Bern. However, the cantonal government does not write where the new high school could be built.

She only writes that various factors have to be taken into account when choosing the location, such as the availability of a plot of land. The cantonal government is asking the Grand Council to accept the proposal of the two GLP Grand Councils, i.e. to transfer the audit assignment to you.

More space required for grammar schools in the canton of Bern

The canton of Bern will soon need more space in the grammar schools: According to forecasts by the middle school and vocational training office, the canton of Bern can expect an increase of around 460 pupils in the middle schools by the 2025/26 school year. That corresponds to 21 new classes.

The refurbishment and expansion of the Bern-Neufeld high school is already planned for over 100 million francs: In the spring session, the Great Council approved a project loan for this. According to a response from the government council to a question from the council this spring, the planned expansion in Neufeld is not sufficient to cover the space required by high schools in the region.

At the Gymnasium Hofwil in Münchenbuchsee, an expansion for one class per level is planned. The high schools in Kirchenfeld and Lerbermatt can also be expanded. The cantonal government wrote in March 2022 that the question of how much expansion potential there is in each case will have to be clarified specifically as part of the renovation projects for the two schools.

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