The ‘Canniola Child’ Incident Rocks Egypt…a Painful and Disastrous Scene by All Sayings

– Announcement –

Village- managed devices Egyptian Interior Ministry To reveal the circumstances of a video circulated on one of the pages of the social network “Facebook”, which saw the appearance of two young people, one of whom is installing a therapeutic “cannula” for a newborn, while he is blindfolded in a private nursery in the city ​​of Minya, in a bet on life of a child The first day of his birth.

And the baby appeared in the circulating video, unleashing a large wave of anger, collapsing and screaming intensely during the cannula installation, in a frightening and disastrous scene.

– Announcement –

The nurse’s attempts to insert and remove the needle were repeated more than once, which harmed the child’s life and exposed him to danger.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced in a statement posted on its Twitter account that the security check revealed that the person installing the cannula is a nursing assistant in a private nursery school affiliated to an association.

– Announcement –

revealed statement internalThat the aforementioned nursery is located in “Abu Qarqas” Police Station in Minya, and that her escort in Al-Maqtaa is a student of the nursing college and works in the same nursery.

The ministry added that the said person filmed the video on Dec. 1, as he gave a newborn some medical solutions.

She justified her action to show her skills at work and to teach other nurses in kindergarten, and decided to leave the child the same day after receiving treatment.

He also admitted that he had been working in the nursery for about a year, and when the latter summoned him, he decided to shoot a video clip and post it on the WhatsApp application.

And the statement continued: “Summoning the nursery management official, he confirmed that he is affiliated with an association of the Abu Qurqas Police Station, and that his documents are in the possession of the chairman of the board, and that he is authorized by the competent authorities, which are clinics and a kindergarten.

The hospital director denies it

Dr. Muhammad Fathi, director of Abu Qurqas hospital, south of Minya Governorate, had denied the widespread incident, claiming it was not inside the incubators of Abu Qurqas hospital, and indicated in statements to the website Cairo 24He pointed out that there are no young men in the hospital’s private nurseries, and all the nurses inside are women.

Dr. Fathi added that the young nurses in the circulating video and images are not from the hospital’s nursing staff, emphasizing that they belong to a private nursery.

Activists on social media reported that one of the two doctors was named “Mustafa Muhammad Abdel Aziz” from Abu Qarqas, Sunim village, and that the incident took place in a kindergarten in Abu Qirqas, and the person with him was named “Saber Mohammed.”

The decision to close the nursery

The governor of Minya, Major General Osama al-Qadi, issued the decision to close a nursery for premature babies in the center of Abu Qarqas, south of the governorate, after monitoring a video clip circulated on social media, in which a at the daycare center impersonating the nursing profession has committed an act that threatens the life of a child.

The governor instructed his deputy Dr. Muhammad Abu Zaid to conduct a field visit to the nursery, review all of its licenses and take the necessary legal steps in this regard against the owner and employees of the unit .

The governor of Minya also stressed the intensification of inspection campaigns to monitor all private and private medical centers, and to review the obtaining of licenses for their employees to practice the medical professions.

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