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The election campaign in Tuscany is on fire. Susanna Ceccardi, candidate of the center-right, replies to the attack received by Eugenio Giani (Pd), who in an interview with the Corriere fiorentino said: “My opponent is Salvini who carries a candidate behind on a leash”.

In the Corriere, Mr. Eugenio today declares that Salvini keeps me on a leash. I do not want to be a victim, a certain left would shout at the scandal if one of our representatives told a woman of the opposing side that she is only good at being on a leash like a bitch: cries of indignation would arise at an international level.
No, I don’t feel like a victim. They are where I am because I received people’s votes, because I overturned a system of power after decades, while, meanwhile, he prostrated himself to that system.
I am known because I have always said what I think, he is known because he has always said what others wanted to hear.
I have a loyal relationship with Salvini, because he believed in me when few believed in it.
Giani instead with his bosses has a relationship of subjection.
Perhaps not everyone remembers that Matteo Renzi, on several occasions, has torn the Tuscany Region belt off Eugenio Giani. And he, without resisting, got trampled. It is not a question of men or women, of bands or leashes. It is a question of dignity and courage. Nobody ever ripped the band off me. Neither Renzi, nor Salvini, nor a troublemaker from the left. Signor Eugenio knows it and the others know it. To me and to Tuscany, when I am Governor, nobody will put their feet on the head! “.

“The words of Giani they are vulgar and sexist towards Susanna Ceccardi, “he says Francesco Torselli, regional spokesman for Fratelli d’Italia. “I hope that in the Democratic Party, especially the regional secretary who is a woman, they will immediately distance themselves from the words of Giani that feed the horrible stereotype of the woman on the right on the leash of her male master “.

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Elisa Montemagni, leader of the Lega Regional Council, claims to have been “appalled and disgusted. An externation to profoundly condemn a real fall in style, provided that one has had one, by a person who even aspires to govern an entire Region “.

Edoardo Ziello, Pisan deputy of the League, underlines that “the candidate governor of Tuscany of the Democratic Party has slipped on the most bitter sexism. If such a sentence had been uttered by a League representative to a woman they would have invoked the martial court, but it is known that those on the Left are allowed everything. In Tuscany we will win with the competence and smile of Susanna Ceccardi. Come on!” And another deputy from the Carroccio, Guglielmo Picchi, asks the Democratic Party to withdraw Giani’s candidacy: “Sexism and hatred of Giani and the Democratic Party against Ceccardi. Intolerable. What does Boldrini say? On the Corriere Eugenio Giani candidate of the Democratic Party to govern Tuscany tells a woman of the opposing side that she is only good at being on a leash like a bitch. The woman is from the League, a member of parliament and an opponent of Giani in Tuscany, our Susanna Ceccardi. I find the comment shabby. Pd should withdraw Giani from the race to governor. Those types of comments are not acceptable if made on the right … cries of indignation would arise internationally “.

MEP Simona Bonafè, secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party, in an interview with Repubblica, affirms that “once again Salvini uses a shadow candidate to carry out a campaign against the government as in Emilia. He doesn’t care about Tuscany. He just wants to send the government home, he has already tried in Emilia and it has not gone well. Ceccardi, on the other hand, has Tuscany so much at heart that she has already said that if she loses, she remains in Europe. Where she came by planting the office of mayor in the middle of her mandate: perhaps she was afraid of not even being re-elected to Cascina ”.

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