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Janet Yellen, the candidate for the post of the head of the US Treasury Department, in case of her appointment, promised to “immediately start” revising the sanctions. Bloomberg previously noted that under Trump, the United States often imposed unilateral restrictions

Janet Yellen

(Photo: Leah Millis / Reuters)

US Treasury candidate Janet Yellen said that if her appointment is approved, she will review the United States‘ sanctions policy. Yellen announced this, speaking at a hearing in the US Senate Finance Committee. Broadcast led CNBC TV channel.

“I will ask my deputy, Wally Adeyemo, to conduct a comprehensive review of the US sanctions policy so that they [введенные ограничения] used for strategic purposes and as appropriate, “- said the candidate for the post of the head of the US Treasury.

According to Yellen, the agency will “immediately begin” reviewing the imposed sanctions as soon as her candidacy is approved.

US imposed sanctions on the barge “Fortune” and the supertanker “Maxim Gorky”

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Fortune Barge


Under President Donald Trump, the United States imposed a wide range of sanctions against companies, citizens and even oil tankers associated with Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela and Russia, and the restrictions were often unilateral, he wrote in December Bloomberg.


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