“The cancer is in remission. I’m going back to work”

Good news, then, for the 71-year-old actor who announced last year that he has a lymphoma. A cancer he has been fighting against for months, keeping his fans constantly updated. “I am elated“he said in January, when he learned that the treatment was reducing the mass. Now the confirmation of the improvement of his health conditions with a professional update: the star is ready to return to the set.

“Here’s a peek,” he wrote on his website, sharing a video that was probably taken before his cancer diagnosis. The movie is a preview of The Old Man, the FX series in which he has the dual roles of actor and producer. The series was originally scheduled for this year but was discontinued due to the actor’s health condition. Conditions aggravated, then, also by Covid, contracted at the beginning of the year. Now, however, everything seems to be a distant memory. Jeff Bridges is returning.


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