The cake conveys business administration knowledge

In “Thing! How Marketing Seduces the World “Students learn how to market a product. Excitingly explained by professionals.

A difficult subject – even for adults. But in “Ting! How marketing seduces the world ”(Helvetiq-Verlag in Basel, 34 sheets, 19.90 euros, from eleven) it is so colorful and varied that it conveys a lot of knowledge in an understandable way. Tight text blocks and bold, yet detailed and funny illustrations go hand in hand.

The first step is to plan how the children could organize the cake sale to finance their school trip. The caretaker helps them with this: She explains the competition between products, trademarks, logos, advertising, supply and demand, trends, customer needs, target groups, shop design and much more. How did she know all this? The children ask the caretaker. She worked for a marketing agency for a long time, she replies, and managed the whole house there.

An expert trio has come together for this book: Cary Steinmann with a professorship in marketing, Laura Sima as historian, editor and project manager and Elin Braslina from Latvia, whose work includes production design and animation films. The result is a non-fiction book beyond the norm, exciting, entertaining and informative.


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