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Reporters Tu Yongquan and Wu Qianshan / Kaohsiung Report

A bus in Meinong, Kaohsiung, cut right into the slow lane and passed several cars along the way. Behind was a Taiwanese and Japanese couple in the car, with a one-year-old baby. The wife got scared and exclaimed. Do all Taiwanese drive like this? The trial was ridiculed by the public PO network, saying bus driving is truly a glory for the country. The industry apologizes for this and will strengthen employee training, while the police have said that in case of obvious violations of the driving rules, fines will be imposed in accordance with the law.

▲ The bus driver passed 4 cars in a row from the inside. (Photo / Extract from Facebook of the Municipality of informants)

Passengers cut right one, two, three, four and eventually a truck crashed in front of them. Only then did the overtaking stop and he cut back into the driveway. Even though there were no passengers in the car at the time, it was “super good and super full”. The footage was also captured by other drivers’ dash cams.

Passengers in the car: “It’s too fast. Can you run parallel like this? It’s scary.”

Although there are currently no passengers on the bus, the driver's behavior is already illegal

▲ Although there are currently no passengers on the bus, the conduct of the bus driver is illegal.

Passengers in the car exclaimed in Japanese, and the public network said there was a Taiwanese-Japanese couple and a one-year-old baby in the car. The Japanese wife looked at him and exclaimed, is it okay to drive like this? It’s really scary.

The incident happened in the second section of Zhongshan Road, Meinong, Kaohsiung. It is a two-way one-way traffic and is also the main road to and from Meinong. The bus was passing thrillingly. Many netizens also complained that traffic in Taiwan was not saved, it really won the glory for the country.

Lin Longwan, Vice President of Passenger Transportation: “If you are sued and held accountable, your salary could be reduced by 3,000 yuan. If you feel bad, we obviously have to re-educate, because now we are hard to find pilots and sometimes it is not a crime. Ha made a big mistake and we will forgive him anyway. “

Although the operator stepped forward and apologized, is there really no violation of the slow lane overtaking rules?

Shi Zhihong, head of the Qishan Branch Traffic Team: “Violation of the Road Traffic Management Sanctions Regulations Article 47, Paragraph 1, Subsection 3, will be fined NT $ 1,200 or more and less than NT $ 2,400. “.

Overtaking from the right side, without maintaining a safe distance, violation is a fact: the operator said it will strengthen safety education and training for driving and will not allow the road safety image of Taiwan continues to be belittled.

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