The BUMN Ministry Should Disband Before Jokowi Steps Down

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

President Commissioner of PT Pertamina (Persero) Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok stated Ministry of BUMN should be dissolved and the management of state-owned companies replaced with a system super holding as did Singapore through Temasek.

“The BUMN Ministry should be disbanded before Pak Jokowi stepped down. We have to have something called Indonesia Incorporation such as including because the president cannot control BUMN management,” Ahok said in a video uploaded to the POIN Youtube account as quoted Wednesday (16/9).

He revealed Ahok’s statement while uncovering the ulcers of the board of directors of PT Pertamina (Persero). One of the ulcers was carried out by the director of the state oil company in his removal from office.

Ahok claimed to have found a case of dismissal of the position of president director of a Pertamina subsidiary that was not accompanied by a change in salary from the employee.

“The period of being stripped of the salary is still the same. The reason is because of an old person. Yes, the salary should follow your position right. But they make all the basic salaries. So imagine the salary for a number of years the basic salary can be Rp75 million. Dismissed, no work is paid that much. It’s just crazy. here, “said Ahok.

Staff of the Minister of BUMN Arya Sinulingga responded to Ahok’s idea by saying a super idea holding in fact it will be carried out by the ministry. In fact, this is an idea that has been developing long before the leadership of Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir.

It’s just that Arya said realizing this idea is not an easy thing. Because, a lot of preparation has to be done before it really forms super holding.

“The Ministry sees that currently what is very important is how to ensure that BUMNs are mutually compatible in line (in line) means supply chain that there is in line, “Arya told the media, Wednesday (16/9).

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To create that, he continued, the ministry also formed clusters or sub holding. However, Arya again underlined that the formation of the sub holding also need process and testing.

“So we test everything, we shouldn’t rush into it super holding, that’s a big idea, but we’ll see if it’s effective or not. Right now it’s still on its own, so there are still a long way to go about a super holding, it’s still a long way off, “he said.

In fact, he continued, let alone forming super holding and sub holdingHowever, the supply chain issue is still not optimal among BUMNs.

“So how do you want to make it super holding if it’s not running well, “he added.

Furthermore, Arya said the ministry wanted to first test the formation of company clusters based on their business sectors. For example, clusters of agriculture, pharmacy, and others.

“Pharmacy, for example, how do we combine the scattered hospitals now, join the BUMN Hospital and now have the largest hospital network in BUMN with IHC,” he said.

So does its relationship with the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. For example, related to the drug supply network to medical devices.

“So that’s a big dream we have super holding, but we make sure all the way first. Mr. Erick wants to make sure all the way first end to end supply chain between the BUMNs, “he explained.

On the other hand, to follow up on this seriousness, the ministry continues to establish communication with government partners, namely the House of Representatives (DPR). The goal is to get good input for future plans.

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