The Bulgarian Ivan Karchev, a media chief in Austria, has died

Bulgarian media specialist Ivan Karchev, living in Austria, has died. This was announced on its Facebook page, whose creator and editor-in-chief is Karchev.

Ivan Karchev is a marketing and media specialist, with numerous projects in the field of social, electronic, online and print media. More important for the Bulgarians in Austria among them are the mobile application BGKontakti, the information guide “Vienna our city” and the information portal

Here is the post with which the publication is saying goodbye to its colleague:

Ivan loved to wish happy birthdays on this wall. But he won’t do it again. He flew today. Only 45. He left two wonderful children and a living Bulgarian community in Austria, which would never have been the same without him.

Ivan Karchev was the editor-in-chief and creator of, the magazine “Vienna – our city”, the Bulgarian radio show on Radio Orange 94.0, the TV show “Brigada TV” and the application BGKontakti. He was the organizer of a number of cultural and educational events for the Bulgarian community in Vienna and one of the most recognizable and active figures among Bulgarians in Austria in the last 20 years.

His projects began while he studied Journalism and Communication Sciences at the University of Vienna. That’s why he loved working with students. Dozens of young Bulgarians have helped and participated in the preparation of the magazine, radio, television, events and thus received their first contact with the work in the field of communications.

Before leaving, Ivan prepared the 23rd issue of the magazine and several cultural and educational events. And he would probably tell you again, “Always be well informed.”

Bright road and thanks!



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