The builder of the Sebeş-Turda highway sector LOT 2, about the “crooked” bridge: “It is an optical effect caused by the filming angle” VIDEO

“The information circulated according to which the bridge is mounted crookedly is completely erroneous, based on the total lack of experience or understanding of works of such magnitude. In reality, it is an optical effect caused by the shooting angle of the drone in question. The sensation is accentuated by the fact that the bridge is oblique to the axis of the highway (in order to be aligned with the bed of the Geoagiu brook that it crosses) ”, say the Aktor representatives.

Regarding the fact that only three machines appear in the images filmed from the drone, and the activity on the site is almost non-existent, those from Aktor have an explanation: At the same time, the works would be on schedule, according to the Greek company.

“These days we work with over 100 workers and 100 machines. The builder hereby confirms that the works related to the bridge in question have been executed in accordance with the approved execution project, all works being verified and approved by the designated site manager, without any technical problems.

Regarding the low presence of equipment, we specify that in July of this year, only in the filmed area were executed over 100,000 m3 of filling inside the support structures of the bridge ramps, the pouring of the last layer of asphalt, wear, railings and In August, the works for the installation of vertical signaling, sound-absorbing panels, road markings will start, thus confirming that in the autumn of this year, lot 2 of the Sebeş Turda highway will be put into traffic.

At the same time, we mention that these days we are working with over 100 workers and 100 machines, but the hot weather conditions impose more restrictions, but the Aktor company keeps the accelerated pace to complete this project “, the Aktor company transmitted.

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