The Buenos Aires government against Facebook for misleading advertising

The company has already been notified and “must refrain from continuing to carry out this type of publicity and announcements and has five non-extendible business days to present its defense”

The Ministry of Production of Buenos Aires blamed Facebook afterr lack “the duty of misleading information and advertising”in violation of the Ley 24,240 of Consumer protection.

The Provincial Directorate for the Defense of the Rights of Consumers and Users found that the companythrough its social networks Facebook and Instagram, advertises advertisements of alleged private companies offering “savings plans” for the purpose of acquire motor vehicleswith the appearance of assumptions official plans.

As reported in a statement, these notices include denominations such as “NATIONAL PLAN”, “ARGENTINEAN PLANS”, “GOVERNMENT PLAN”, “CAR CARE PRICES” and “PROCREAUTO.

It was indicated from the Buenos Aires government that “in some cases, the image is also used of president of the Nation (Alberto Fernandez), public buildings of marked knowledge and even national symbols with the aim of inducing deception”.

“From the investigation carried out, it was found that the deception in these advertisements is manifest and rude, making use of montage of notoriously false images and providing information that induces confusion, with the name of apocryphal plans and programs or that existed at the time and that They were completed several years ago.It was proposed.

It was clarified that, in this way, “the aim is to prevent consumers, through unclear and misleading advertising, or inaccuracies, from being misled or false in the acquisition of products, merchandise or in the contracting of services, protecting themselves the right of those to adequate, complete and truthful information in their consumer relationships”.

The company has already been notified and “you must refrain from continuing to carry out this type of publicity and announcements and you have five business days, which cannot be extended, to file your defense.”

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Production sources expressed that if Facebook Argentina does not make such a discharge, andThe provincial executive power It would allowed for fine the company.

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