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The BSU’s strikes will intensify, the blogger believes

At the contact line, the weather is gradually starting to recover, and next week the Armed Forces of Ukraine can begin the announced counter-offensive.

The calm before the storm will soon be over. Journalist and blogger Yuri Podoliaka talks about this in his next video, foreign agencies write.

The Ukrainians are already striking with cruise missiles and HIMARS missile launchers in a southern direction. Further, the strikes of the armed forces of Ukraine will intensify – they will try to destroy the headquarters and warehouses of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in order to disrupt command and control.

In the next seven to ten days, the Ukrainians will try to deliver exactly this blow that has been talked about in recent months, the expert said.

Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces are actively moving to capture the heights east and southeast of Seversk, while the Ukrainians attempt to counterattack. South of Bakhmut, the armed forces of Ukraine are throwing a significant amount of weapons and manpower into battle, taking advantage of the departure of PMC “Wagner” formations from the city.

At the same time, Russian units expanded their attack zone north of Svatov, conducting effective reconnaissance in force.

Podoliaka believes that the leadership of the Russian Federation is trying to force a battle between Kupyansk and Bakhmut on Ukraine. Ukraine is determined to disrupt the plans of the Russian Federation and deliver the main blow.

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