The Bruins defender replaces Boston to St. Louis in nine years on the team

Tory Krug | Photo: NHL

Guard Tory Krug After nine years on the National Hockey League (NHL) team, the Boston Bruins have decided to continue their careers in the St. Louis Blues, which has rewarded the hockey player with a seven-year contract, the NHL reports.

Krug will earn $ 45.5 million (€ 38.4 million) over the next seven years.

Krug spent the last nine seasons in the “Bruins” ranks. In the 2019/20 season, the defender excelled in 61 games with nine goals and 40 assists, but in the previous three seasons he scored at least 51 performance points.

Last season, he was the leader among all NHL defenders with a 28-point numerical majority.

“Honestly, I didn’t expect such a turn of events myself,” Krug explained. “However, the days went by and the offer seemed better and better.”

The defender also did not hide that during the year “Bruins” had not negotiated a new contract, although the defender himself wanted it.

Meanwhile, Krug’s accession has raised a number of questions from St. Louis team fans who are uncertain about the future of the experienced Alexandr Pietrello. He has been the captain of the Blues since the 2016/17 season.

Krugs went to the field in 523 regular championship games, where he accumulated 337 points (67 + 270), while in 75 Stanley Cup matches he scored 52 points (11 + 41).

Last year, when the Bruins reached the Stanley Cup final, Krug had scored two goals and 16 assists in 24 games. The Boston team lost to the Blues in the final that year.

Former Lightning defender Kevin Chattenkirck has signed a three-year contract with Anaheim’s Ducks.

The details of the transaction are not disclosed.

The 31-year-old hockey player scored eight goals and 26 assists in 70 games of Lightning last season. Meanwhile, in 25 playoffs, he has three “goals” and ten assists.

Chattenkirk was crowned Stanley Cup champion this year.

Bob Murray, Ducks’ general manager, said the two sides had been able to agree on the deal fairly quickly. He also made no secret of the fact that other teams also wanted protection services.

Chattenkirch was selected No. 14 in the 2007 NHL Draft and was owned by the Colorado Avalanche. During his career, the hockey player went to the field in 679 regular championship games, in which he accumulated 383 points (83 + 300). In 85 playoffs, he scored eight goals and scored 39 times.

NHL Chattenkirck has represented the Lightning, Avalanche, Blues, Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.

This year, Lightning celebrated the victory in the sixth game of the NHL final, beating the Dallas Stars 4-2 in a series of up to four victories.

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