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Oslo / Lisbon / Ammn In Norway, on the Portuguese island of Madeira and in Jordan, the first cases of a new and especially contagious mutation of coronavirus, which first appeared in Britain, were recorded on Sunday. In all of these countries, they have recently traveled from the United Kingdom, Reuters reported. The first cases of a new coronavirus mutation were reported by Jin Korea on Monday, and two cases were reported by Japan.


Norway extended it a few days ago and by December 29 the destruction of pmch flights to Britain. Two infected people came to the country to drive before the arrest, restricted roads, and the series now try to find everyone who has been drinking with them since then.

People with a new coronavirus mutation in Madeia are the first known cases throughout Portugal. The series did not yet publish the number of people, in which a new variant of the virus was found. They only indicated that they were travelers from the United Kingdom.

Last week, Portugal decided to close the border for travel from Britain, except for people residing in Portugal and Portuguese people in the United Kingdom.

So far, until January 3, Jordan has closed its borders to travelers from Britain, and the first two cases of the new mutation also announced them on Sunday. In the country, however, the daily sweat of newly infected patients has been falling sharply in recent weeks after about a dark number of new cases.

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The South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention said today that a new mutation was found in the country of people who flew to Jin Korea from London on December 22.

Due to the new mutation from today and until the end of January, Japan will not invade foreigners from the world. However, returning to the country will have to pass a coronavirus test before departure and at skin.

A new mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 virus was announced by British Health Minister Matt Hancock last week. According to previous findings, coronavirus could be highly flammable than coronavirus, which should not mean that it is more likely to lead to covid-19. The virus is ad pedevm in the south of England.


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