The British military for the front in Ukraine: The decline of the fighting spirit

Both the Ukrainian and Russian armies are experiencing mood swings, although they are manifesting differently. The topic of morale is central to the British Defense Ministry’s daily summary of the state of Ukraine’s war, according to intelligence.

British intelligence explains the fluctuations among the Ukrainian military with the prolonged heavy fighting near Severodonetsk – there are cases of desertion among the Ukrainian military,

In recent weeks, the refusal of Russian servicemen from entire units to take part in combat operations has become more frequent, according to British intelligence.

In addition, conflicts between soldiers and their commanders continue to flare up in the Russian armed forces, sometimes with the use of weapons.

Reasons for the demoralization of the Russian army include poor leadership, poor unit rotation, high casualties and poor logistics.

In addition, the goals and objectives that the Russian authorities are trying to achieve as a result of this war remain unclear to many military personnel.

And the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) also says the Russian military continues to face problems with military morale and discipline. To make this conclusion, experts refer to intercepted telephone conversations announced by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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