The British man has an eye printed on a 3D printer


Steve Verse is the first person to wear a 3D-printed eye prosthesis

The man became the first in the world to own a 3D-printed eye prosthesis.

British ophthalmologists from the Moorfields Clinic performed the world’s first 3D-printed eye prosthesis. This was reported by the newspaper Daily Mail.-

It is noted that patient Steve Verse lost his left eye at the age of 20 and since then has used prostheses that had to be changed every five years.

The new prosthesis is more durable, and it takes much less time to create and install it.

Verse stated that the “new eye” looks more realistic than the previous ones and will restore his self-confidence.

The operation took place as part of a study funded by the UK National Health System.

As the newspaper writes, nowadays, Britons who have lost their eyes often have to wait four to five months after surgery to install a prosthesis. It takes another six weeks to manufacture and install it.

The new technique will help shorten this period to three weeks and ensure more accurate sizing. The actual printing of an eye prosthesis on a 3D printer takes two and a half hours.

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