The British fleet could accompany cargo ships through the blockade of Odessa

Great Britain discussing with its allies the potential plan to send warships to the Black Sea port city of Odessa to offer security escorts to exporting vessels; Ukraine grain, writes the media “Daily Mail”.

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Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielis Landsbergis has announced that he has discussed the creation of such a “protective corridor” from Odessa with Lisa Foreign, the British Foreign Secretary. He also said that a coalition of individual countries formed NATO countries and also those that depend on grain imports, such as Egyptcould be ready to use military resources to strengthen the protection of cargo ships and address widespread food shortages.

According to the British newspaper The Times, the Allied fleet would first clear the area around the port of Russia mines and then escort ships carrying grain, giving them protection from Russian warships.

Long-range missiles would also be deployed to deter Russia from attempting to sabotage the corridor.

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