the British compared her to a homeless woman

Amelia Windsor has disappointed fans with her style.

Princes William and Harry’s cousin Amelia Windsor is often compared to their mother. Some Brits believe the young blonde is similar to Diana in her independence and distinctive style. Each publication of hers is always analyzed in detail on the web. It is no coincidence that Amelia works in a glossy magazine and often participates in fashion shows herself, so the girl knows everything about fashion.

But sometimes his fans have a chance to doubt it. Amelia has recently decided several times on ambiguous images, combining classic outfits with sports shoes and even frankly crumpled and neglected garments. In this capacity, the British even compared the most beautiful woman in Britain to a homeless woman.

“I forgot the style”, “He looks like a bum who has put on everything incongruous”, “Why be so messy?”, “She doesn’t look anything like Princess Amelia. It’s a pity to look ”,“ Pictures of her always look crazier ”, – Internet users destroyed the girl.

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