The bridge over the railway near Rohrbach will be renovated in 2022

The renovation planning of the railway bridge over the ICE route near Rohrbach began three years ago. Now the district building committee has awarded the further planning steps for the renovation planned for 2022 at a price of around 193,000 euros to the engineering office Rellig from Bad Kissingen.

The bridge is part of Kreisstraße 24 and thus the connection between Rohrbach and the state road from Karlburg to Wiesenfeld. During the regular bridge inspection, which last took place from May 2016 to September 2017, the condition of the structure was rated three (insufficient). The existing defects in the transition structures and bridge bearings impair the stability of the bridge. In addition, defective drainage systems led to sometimes massive concrete damage. As an immediate measure, permanent work and protective scaffolding was installed on the shaft of a bridge pier to secure drainage downpipes that are no longer stable. They are also used for the renovation of the bridge. It is planned for mid-2022, in coordination with Deutsche Bahn and the construction work planned by it, in order to be able to use the shutdown breaks.

Bridge construction team receives its own vehicle

Since the end of 2018, a bridge construction team created from the three construction teams has been part of the district’s road maintenance department. This will now receive its own troop vehicle, in the restricted invitation to tender, only one of four companies asked submitted an offer. That is why the construction committee awarded the contract for a closed box van to the company MAN Truck und Bus from Würzburg at a price of 65,450 euros. In the budget, 60,000 euros are planned for the vehicle.

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District councilor Ruth Steger asked whether instead of a vehicle with a diesel engine one with a climate-neutral drive would not be possible. Markus Krämer from the district building authority denied that electric vehicles of the required performance class were not available on the market.

The task of the bridge troops is the maintenance and repair of the 66 engineering structures in the district. Mainly these are road bridges. The bridge tests in 2020 showed that this makes sense. For the first time in many years, there were slightly better grades in the building evaluation.

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