The Brest CHRU offers a new treatment for inoperable hepatic cancer

The Brest CHRU team was formed by the Eugène-Marquis center in Rennes, a European reference center for technology. (© CHRU Brest)

After Rennes, the regional university hospital center from Brest is the second to propose, in Brittany, the hepatic radioembolization treatment, for people with primary liver cancer (especially hepato-cellular carcinoma or cholangiocarcinoma) not operable.

Palliative treatment

“Hepatic radioembolization consists in catheterizing the artery which supplies the tumor under radiological control, in order to locally inject a highly radioactive product”, summarizes Professor Ronan Abgral, of the nuclear medicine and biophysics department, headed by Professor Pierre-Yves Salaün.

“Currently, it is a palliative treatment,” specifies Dr. Jean-Romain Risson, from the radiology department, headed by Professor Michel Nonent. It is mainly proposed for slowing tumor progression in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma who cannot benefit from current curative treatments. Or to try to reduce the tumor volume and allow secondary surgery. Or to curb the disease while waiting for a liver transplant. “

Two patients per month

Prof. Abgral adds:

“The treatment is accompanied by fewer side effects than other treatments offered at this stage, including intra-arterial chemotherapy; it is better tolerated and acts over time. “

This, in fact, makes it possible to extend the patient’s life expectancy, while at the same time preserving his comfort as well as possible.

Brest has been able to offer treatment to three patients since the start of the year, and will eventually be able to take care of two per month, on average.

The Brest team was formed by the Eugène-Marquis center in Rennes, a European reference center for technology.

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