The Breisgau Historical Association is 150 years old – and active on Instagram – Freiburg

The Breisgau History Association was founded 150 years ago. Teacher Renate Liessem-Breinlinger has been with us for a long time. She tells about the beginnings, about zoom lectures and Instagram.

BZ: Both sounds suspiciously old-fashioned: Breisgau Historical Society and 150 years. How did the club actually start?
Liessem-Breinlinger: Not archaic at all! It was a 20-year-old, highly talented art student from Stuttgart who very successfully brought together two clubs to form the Breisgau Club Schauinsland 150 years ago: the Alpine hiking club and the social club Lestionia. Everyone knows the art student – ​​it is the artist Fritz Geiges. He’s basically to this day…

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