The breasts of the surgery show Danela are now six sizes smaller

TV3 plastic transformation show “Surgery: New life“, which can be seen on TV3, underwent the most complicated operation during the show.

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Danela bought her first bra at the age of eight, when she only studied in the second grade. In seventh grade, she was already wearing a size C bra, but by the time she was an adult, her breasts had reached an EF size.

For the last four years, they have been embedded in a K-sized bra bowl. Danela has been dreaming of breast reduction since she was a teenager, as she has repeatedly suffered humiliation and derogatory remarks. The young woman also dreams of the guys looking into her eyes, as well as wanting to enjoy sports activities and undressing on the beach without shame.

Medically, Danel’s condition is called gigantomastia. The exact cause of this condition is unknown, but is thought to be due to genetics and hypersensitivity to female hormones. It may be accidental, but has been reported to be caused by puberty, pregnancy, or medication.

Massive breasts press against the chest, promote the formation of a hump, cause pain in the neck, shoulders, spine and promote deformity of the posture, which leads to changes in the curvature, gait and silhouette of the spine.

The breasts of the surgery show Danela are now six sizes smaller
Photo: Publicity images

Danel’s breast reduction surgery was a challenge even for an experienced doctor like Dr. Eduards Jurševičs. “Gigantomastia is a serious diagnosis for a young woman. The complexity of this operation is due to the fact that the operation is performed on a huge area and large tissue fragments need to be amputated during the operation. Many doctors who perform reconstructive breast surgery We, in turn, performed the operation differently – by preserving the nipple halo complex, so as not to lose the opportunity to breastfeed in the future. “

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