The Brazilians are conquering the league, while they did not even play the 4th highest competition at home

Eduardo Santos arrived in Karviná from the Capivariano club, Ewerton came to Europe, specifically to the Golden Moravians, from the whole of Bern Bernardo and Cadu came on behalf of EC Olímpia. None of the current stars of the Fortuna League have worked in football clubs playing at the federal level.

It is worth explaining that Brazilian football is divided into several pyramids. The federal competition system has four levels, the highest in the Campeonato Brasileiro (Brazil Championship) is Serie A, the last being Serie D, in which clubs from different Brazilian countries can qualify on the basis of criteria that are determined separately in the country.

I don’t expect him to be the second Rosický, but he will get a chance, says her former player in the show PŘÍMÁK about Sparta’s reinforcement.Video:

Footballers, who wear the jerseys of teams operating only at the level of the given state, actually play from the fifth league lower, which is the case of the three mentioned.

In defense of the players themselves, it should be mentioned that Brazil is a country with a population of 212 million, where football is the most popular sport. For comparison, we can add that Brazil has more inhabitants than, for example, Germany, Great Britain and Italy combined.

In Poland, he was the target of fan criticism and now he has to replace the league’s top scorer in Pilsen? Discussion from the program PŘÍMÁK.Video:

It is definitely not easy to make it to the top competitions in Brazil. This is also why they are often very attracted to local footballers by the possibility of European involvement.

In the program Přímák, we deal with the possibility of whether Czech clubs should not be more active in Brazil in the search for reinforcements. More in the main video. You can also play the whole show as a podcast.

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