The Brazilian authority approves the unlimited purchase of Activision Blizzard

The Economic Defense Administrative Council (CADE) has approved without restriction the agreement between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.

In its report, the Brazilian authority states that there is a possible impact of Call of Duty exclusivity that motivates PlayStation players to switch to Xbox or PC, but it is also possible to think that in the event that this exclusivity occurs, PlayStation fans will simply be looking for another series to fill that gap.

CADE doesn’t rule out the possibility that Microsoft may choose to lose big sales and make Call of Duty and other series exclusive, which may even hurt their popularity, but it may feel it’s more profitable to make them exclusive. This is due to the focus on Game Pass and the possible strengthening of their network systems.

The entity does not doubt the importance of the exclusives and how this has differentiated Sony and Nintendo in the market, also remembering that they have become a reference in the competition between PlayStation and Xbox. However, it claims that no exclusive purchased or developed by itself has dictated the victory of one console over another rival.

Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense says exclusive games are less popular and generate less money than third-party blockbusters, which are on virtually all platforms for now, plus Nintendo does not need content. by Activision Blizzard.

For the Sony side, it claims to have been the market leader for 20 years with several popular exclusives, multiple consoles sold and great deals with other publishers, not forgetting the loyalty of its consumer, which should help maintain competitiveness after Microsoft acquires Activision. .

CADE also states that its interest is to protect competition and the well-being of the Brazilian people, not to help any company.

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