The brain device analyzes the stroke in real time

Nowadays it is possible to find an AED on every street corner, with which people who have been affected, for example, by cardiac arrest, can be helped on the spot. These devices are successful, and research has now shown that AI has such defibrillator it can make it even smarter. The BraiN20 is a different device, because it does not intervene directly in a cerebral infarction as the AED does in a heart problem. However, the new device can determine the nature of the cerebral infarction on the spot, which means that a lot of time can be saved and the right treatment can be chosen immediately.

Every second counts in a shot

The founder of Time is brain, Spanish neurologist Alicia Martínez Pinero, therefore wants BraiN20 to be found in as many places as possible in the future to help people with a cerebral infarction as quickly as possible. Healthcare professionals can then immediately take helpful measurements at the point someone has had problems, which speed up the correct diagnosis and recommend the correct treatment. Important, because with a stroke every second counts and the right treatment right away can make a big difference to your future quality of life.

New range of clinical tests

The start-up recently landed in Limburg and wants to launch the product on the market with the help of, among others, LIOF and Medtronic. This autumn the company is ready for a new series of clinical tests, which could also be carried out in Limburg newspaper the Limburger. The device automatically records and analyzes the so-called N20 signal. It is a clinically approved biomarker on which the start-up has an official patent.

The small BraiN20 device is concretely made up of smart hardware and software and a headgear with electrodes that connect to a smartphone. With the device, clinicians can more accurately select which patients are suitable for minimally invasive removal of a blood clot in the vein. The device also helps monitor brain vitality during surgery in real time and detect complications better and earlier.

Real-time healthcare technology is advancing

This new device is an example of technology that can help make diagnoses faster, so that diseases can be detected earlier and treated in a more targeted way. The AED is also a good example that has been used successfully for some time. In addition, there are more and more intelligent software available that focus entirely on prevention. Think, for example, of a recently launched smartwatch that uses AI-controlled software to identify a greatly increased risk of heart problems such as arrhythmias or heart failure even before complaints arise.

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