the bottom of his impressive weight loss … thanks to containment!

Barely more than a week has passed since all French people were forced into confinement. If this drastic measure aims to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, it constitutes a difficult exercise for all citizens of the whole world. The lack of activity, walking, sports but also the confinement and the nibbles that it can generate, are the reasons why some are worried about the idea of ​​gaining weight.

A few days ago, Vitaa showed us that confinement can simply be used to take care of yourself by playing sports at home and concocting simple little recipes. Today, it is Amel Bent who confirms that it is possible to reverse the trend and lose weight during confinement.

Amel Bent Loses Weight During Containment

This Wednesday, March 25, 2020, the one who has been coaching in “The Voice” recently, was indeed the guest of Jarry, in his live broadcast on Instagram entitled “Jarry Show”. After Alessandra Sublet’s revelations on confinement with her ex-husband Clément Miserez and on her new darling, fond of sex toy, Jarry heard the confidences of Amel Bent on his daily life during the confinement.

The 34-year-old singer notably reported her weight loss: less than seven kilos on the scales for Amel Bent! Or exactly the same number of pounds lost as Vitaa who follows the WW program (former Weigt Watchers). Proud of her exploits, Amel Bent did not fail to speak about it with a touch of humor: “I’m getting out of containment, I’m going to be in the Victoria Secret parades! ” she said cheerfully before adding that she cooks “very simple stuff” with “little starchy foods”. The pretty brunette concluded by recalling some dietary advice: “Eating lots of vegetables and fruit, taking advantage of the time to cook is much healthier. ”

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