The Botanical Garden will turn into a glorious “Winter Light Garden”

According to the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia, it is possible to see 20 light installations created by the best Latvian lighting designers, who have gained experience in theaters, the event industry, cinema and multimedia projects.

“This time is not easy for lighting professionals in Latvia – since March their work has been limited, but every artist needs creativity – a remote walking trail will give lighting artists the opportunity to meet their spectators at a distance,” says Marcis Gulbis, the project author.

Lighting installations by Kārlis Kaupužs, Kaspars Hercmanis, Jūlija Bondarenko, Andrejs Dubkovs, Jānis Pētersons, Vilnis Valle, Kārlis Ozoliņš, Oskars Timbars, Those Guys Lighting, Kristaps Bunga, Harijs Zālītis, Patriks Piternieks, Kalvis Kampenuss, Rihards Kampenuss, Rihards Kampenuss, others .

After visiting the walking trail, visitors will be able to vote for one of the light installations – 9% of each ticket proceeds will be directed to the author of the light installation (or a charity project of his choice) for which the visitor will vote.

The walking trail “Winter Light Garden” in the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia is organized for the second time. It will be open in both December and January.

More information about “Winter Light Garden” can be found here:

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