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Guna Rukšāne’s book “Haralds Sīmanis. Singer ”, which tells about a unique personality, whose life story is not only attractive to musicians. Although Guna Rukšāne has created this book, a large group of people – friends and contemporaries of the singer – participated in its creation. It summarizes memories, conversations, a rich range of facts and photographs, the publishers informed.

Harald Simon said:

“I am not a revolutionary. He is not free. The revolutionary responds to every movement, saying, to everything. I have rebellion. And the beauty of rebellion is freedom. ”

“When the Environmental Protection Club devastated and washed away the Soviet-era Latvia in the process of clean-up, Haralds Sīmanis was an integral part of the process, although his place was special. He essentially did his work as a singer – to find the gold of transcendental work in worldly works, ”writes Latvian Radio journalist Anda Buševica in the afterword of the book.

“Historians and everyone who reads will also be interested in the book, because I have also tried to show the era in which the freedom-loving Harald Simon was formed. The whole tribe of Latvian singers, Harald’s supporters and his music lovers stood in the making of the book. I would never have dared to write this book if I had not been close to his music with its incomprehensible depth, if for almost half a century he had not known his human simplicity and spiritual subtlety. These fifty years include the Soviet years led by the Czech Republic, the notion of pre-awakening freedom and the already independent Latvia.

No matter what ideology reigns, Harald’s creative expression does not change – he is true and unaffordable in both human and creative terms,

where he is one of them in his unique world of singer and composer, ”admits the author Guna Rukšāne.

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