The Boeing 747s always updated by … floppy disks!

One would assume that such technology would already be extinct, especially in this era when everything is getting more digital, but airplanes 747-400 of Boeing prove us the opposite.

They are the researchers of Pen Test Partners, who came across it after gaining access to a British Airways 747 aircraft. They inspected the avionics bay below the passenger deck. This is where various components of the aircraft are housed, including a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive located in the cockpit which contains the navigation databases.

Databases that are updated manually every 28 days. Indeed, an engineer will have to physically visit each aircraft and load up to eight floppy disks inside depending on the size of the databases to be integrated. While it may seem hugely outdated, Boeing’s 747-400 planes aren’t the only ones that still rely on this form of technology. Like what…

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